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Using Filter to fetch specific data in SAP Crystal Reports

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:49:04


I think you need to setup filtering in Record Selection formula. Navigate to this path to open Record Selection Formula:Report → Selection Formula → RecordThis will open a new window where you can pass your condition and rerun the report.To know more about Record Selection Formula, you can refer this link:1217147 - Crystal Reports Record Selection Formula change order when modifying it via the Select Expert.SAP Knowledge Base 1217147

Pull a list of Functional Location from SAP using BAPI

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


After you set objRfcFunc, try this before you call this and this will include these parameters.With objRfcFunc.tables("funcloc_ra")    If .RowCount < 1 Then .Rows.Add    .cell(1, 1) = "I"    .cell(1, 2) = "EQ"    .cell(1, 3) = "Your Func Loc"End With

In SAP Crystal Reports, removing extra white space between details sections

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:51:50


I think this can be resolved by navigating to Format Editor tab. You have to check "Can Grow", and deselect the Keep Object together in the subreport as shown in below.

Selecting cut field value of SAP tables using JCo

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:52:47


If you are using FM RFC_READ_TABLE, it is not achievable. In order to read SAP tables or views, SAP RFC_READ_TABLE is used.You can probably write a different Function Module to perform this. Also refer this SAP Note link: Function module RFC_READ_TABLESAP Note

Footer not working in my SAPUI5 application

SAP Expert
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:13:30


Try embedding page in “sap.m.App control”.This is an example of showing and hiding footer, check this link:UI5 Documentation

Consuming Web Service in C# application (SAP)

SAP Expert
Updated on 12-Feb-2020 11:23:52


This error occurs when remote server doesn’t provide a response to your request and connection is broken before request is complete. To fix this issue, first setup a request that includes QaaWsHeader and ReportBlock configuration, then create the Request and in last using ServicesSoapClient, you can make method to send results.Check out the below code and it may help −Sellers.QaaWSHeader qaawsHeaderDatos = new Sellers.QaaWSHeader(); Sellers.GetReportBlock_WBS_Sellers getReportBlock = new Sellers.GetReportBlock_WBS_Sellers(); getReportBlock.login = userWS; getReportBlock.password = passWS; getReportBlock.refresh = true; getReportBlock.startRow = 0; getReportBlock.startRowSpecified = true; getReportBlock.endRow = 1000; getReportBlock.endRowSpecified = true; Sellers.GetReportBlock_WBS_Sellers_Request ... Read More

Is there a way to find last date of month using any function? Like 03/15/2017 should return 03/31/2017? (SAP)

SAP Expert
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:15:48


You can try using DateSerial() function.DateSerial returns a Date value for the specified year, month and day. It also handles relative Date expressions.Argumentsyear is a whole Number or numeric expression representing a year, example: 1996.month is a whole Number or numeric expression representing a month, example: 12 for is a whole Number or numeric expression representing a day of the month, example: 5.ReturnsA Date value.ActionDateSerial returns a Date value for the specified year, month and day. It also handles relative Date expressions.DateSerial (2000, 6, 15)DateSerial (2004, 1 - 7, 15)DateSerial (2008, 1, 166)Check the below code as it finds ... Read More

Publishing SAP Xcelsius dashboard without login

SAP Expert
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:16:33


Yes it can be achieved via using Open Document link. To get HTTP link, you need to store object in BO repository and get open document link from BI Launchpad.When you store object in repository, you have to handle necessary credentials and running queries can be handled by this. You can setup SSO in OpenDocument and SSO source can be an Active Directory authentication, or SAP BW.When SSO is setup, clicking the generated OpenDocument link should automatically log you on and open the dashboard and you don’t need to pass additional authentication.In short, you have to follow below steps:Set up ... Read More

Specifying working directory while executing FM SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE in SAP system

SAP Expert
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


I thought it can be done using a script in SM69 T-code defined as a call to sh with parameters of -c 'cd && /path/to/command.However it doesn’t accept wildcards and && is converted to & and script is not working. As per SAP Note 401095 - Wildcards in external commandsSymptom:Customers would like to use wildcards when defining external commandsOther Terms:SM49, SM69, wildcardReason and Prerequisites:Wildcards are not supported in external commands, amongst other things for security reasons.For example:An ls with a wildcard was defined as a command: "ls $1".During execution, the parameter "; rm -R /*" is entered. At operating ... Read More

How to find a constant in a string in SAP BO Webi Report

SAP Expert
Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:17:24

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You are correct. You can use functions like Match() or Pos(). You can use MATCH([Dimension];"*def*")) and this will get you the output and wildcard will match the beginning of the string.Pos Function is used to return the position of a specific character string.You can also try using Pos() function as below −=Pos("def abc ghi";"def") returns 1 =Pos("def abc ghi";"abc") returns 5 =Pos("def abc ghi";"xyz") returns 0