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Error: "invalid schema name" even if schema is present in the database in SAP HANA

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


I think you need to mention database name in JDBC URL while connecting to the database. Try following − String server = ""; String instance = "03"; String database = "TEST"; String dbUsername = "USERNAME"; String dbPassword = "xxxxxx"; String jdbcUrl = "jdbc:sap://" + server + ":3" + instance + "15/?currentschema=" + database + "&user=" + dbUsername + "&password=" + dbPassword; java.sql.Connection connection = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(jdbcUrl);

Data Replication from SAP PO to SQL Server

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Updated on 12-Feb-2020 10:24:40


Note that SAP PO is not a data source but middleware so it doesn’t contain any data. You can extract data from SQL Server using JDBC.SAP PI/XI enables you to set up cross system communication and integration and allows you to connect SAP and non-SAP systems based on different programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It provides an open source environment that is necessary in complex system landscape for the integration of systems and for communication.SAP Process Integration is a middleware to allow seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP application in a company or with systems outside the company.ExampleAn ... Read More

How can I open a VDS file with three js?

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


Note that three.js is library and it can’t be used to open a file format. This file can’t be opened using Autocad.To know morw about three.js library, you can use this link:Getting Started with three js

Replicating data from HANA db to other HANA system in real time

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 07:08:04


You can also try using SAP Smart data access feature to transfer data in real time. In SAP HANA system, you can use Smart Data Access (SDA) option to replicate data to HANA database from other data sources where you create virtual tables, which are linked to tables in the remote system. You can perform read/write operations on these virtual tables - SELECT, Insert, and Update.Different types of remote systems can be used under Smart Data Access −SAP HANASybaseTeradataApache HadoopOracleTo know more about SAP HANA Smart data access replication, you can refer below SAP documentation:SAP Smart Data Access SAPSAPdocumentationRead More

Checking if a button is enabled or disabled in SAP Application

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 07:08:35


All these methods come under Changeable Property (SapComponent). Refer this link for more details:Changeable Property

Joining cobk and coep table using Inner join taking too long

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 07:09:39


You can make use of T-Code: SE11 to check what indexes are available for table COEPFor one COEP record that you have the (now) 5 criteria for, navigate to T-Code: SE16 pass the selections and run to check how long it takes.To improve performance, you can also create an additional index in table COEP. You can also run a SQL trace in ST05 to see what indexes are used and if indexes are not improving performance.

How to place UI5 code in SAP NetWeaver Server?

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 07:10:41


It is possible to deploy code from Eclipse /Web IDE to SAP backend server using ABAP developer tools. This will result a BSP page and you can check that in T-code: SE80.SAP Development Tools

Using MIN IF function in SAP Dashboard

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


You can use SUM if function as status is always 1 or 0.=IF(SUMIF(C:C,Q4,G:G)>=6,1,0)

Handling Exception using JCo 3.0 on JcoContext.end()

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 07:11:24


As per my understanding, JCoContext.end() method will raise an exception if passed parameter is NULL or you have a bug in JCo. You need to ensure that destination is not null.This method should only be called, if destination is not null i.e.SAP Thread

SAP BI retrieving PDF from Web Service

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Updated on 04-Dec-2019 06:47:15


Try using REST SDK to retrieve document and convert it in to PDF. Follow below steps:Logon: POST /biprws/logon/longGet the doc's prompts (if any) GET /biprws/raylight/v1/documents/5690743/parametersPass the correct values for the prompts (if any) and refresh the document: PUT /biprws/raylight/v1/documents/5690743/parametersExport as PDF GET /biprws/raylight/v1/documents/5690743In end you need to pass Accept: application/pdf in HTTP header to get PDF version.