Upgrading SAP .NET Connector from .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.0

You are correct. NET Connector 2.0 uses proxy classes however .NET Connector 3.0 uses generic API. You need to rewrite all code that include NCo interaction.

.NET Connector 3.0 has many benefits over .NET 2.0:

  • NCo 3.0 Is more stable, robust and supports heavy load
  • .NET 3.0 provides better design of your application by decoupling the connection handling.
  • It consumes less memory
  • Allows dynamic programming without the need for proxy generation
  • Can dynamically look up metadata (so if something changes in the related ABAP system – e.g. if parameters in a function module signatures are added or the ABAP system is switched from Non-Unicode to Unicode, you no longer need to regenerate the proxies and recompile your solution)
  • Is no longer bound to a special Visual Studio version.

To know more about SAP NCo 3.0, you can refer this link: