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What is the Arrow Function in ReactJS?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 10:55:59
React is a popular JavaScript library used to build user interface components. One of the features of React is that it allows you to use arrow functions to define React components. You may now create components using both the standard JavaScript function and the arrow function syntax, thanks to the release of ES6 arrow function syntax. Lets discuss what arrow functions are and why you should use them in your ReactJS code − About Arrow Functions The arrow function is a new feature of ES6, introduced in ReactJS 16. It allows the developer to create a function that has lexical ... Read More

What is Prettier in React?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 10:46:54
One of the many amazing things about React is that it’s more visually appealing than traditional web development frameworks like AngularJS. This might be because React favors a "simple" and "elastic" design over complex directives and components. Other factors contributing to React's visual appeal are the use of stateless components and declarative rendering. This means that instead of specifying how each component should look, you simply specify what data it needs and React will take care of the rest. In the end, it really depends on your personal taste − some people might prefer AngularJS' more polished look, while others ... Read More

What is DOM in React?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 10:39:31
DOM stands for ‘Documents Object Model’. It’s the World Wide Web Consortium's fundamental logical homepage model. Every time the UI state of an application changes, the DOM is updated to reflect the change. Whenever the application user interface is updated, the DOM is rendered which ultimately impacts the application performance, resulting in slower loading. The complexity of the DOM and the numerous UI components further depletes the performance because each change necessitates a new rendering of the page. However, the virtual DOM concept in React has changed everything. Let’s see below − What is DOM? To put it another way, ... Read More

What is client-side rendering in React?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 10:35:28
Client−side rendering is a technique used in web development to improve the performance of web pages. It moves the browser’s rendering process from the server to the client. This way, there is no need for a round−trip request to render a page. Let's start by discussing what occurs when your program requires client−side rendering. React applications are developed by calling one or several JavaScript modules from a simple HTML document while utilizing only the CLI or React command create−react−app. The HTML of each page is created and loaded into the website by JavaScript, which automatically adds it to the document's ... Read More

What is a Single Page Application?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 10:31:24
Single Page Applications or SPAs are beginning to rule the IT marketplace now. (And for good reasons!) They are incredibly fast and render an amazing user experience. But what makes them faster? Well, the reason is that the SPAs enable the users to navigate through several pages without having to refresh the page. As the single page applications dynamically rewrite the web page content from the server, they do not load the entire web page after every render. This way, the web pages potentially improvise the performance by creating a more dynamic user experience. Let’s learn about the ... Read More

What are Hooks in React?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 09:26:21
React Hooks open up a completely new approach to constructing functional components, enabling us to include capabilities like stateful logic that are only available for class components. React mostly makes use of its built−in hooks, useState and useEffect Hooks, to do this. These hooks j In this article, we will go over what hooks are and how they can be used to create applications with React. We will also see how they simplify everyday development workflows. All About React Hooks As quoted by team React− “React Hooks are a new feature of React.js that makes it possible to use ... Read More

How does React work?

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 09:30:04
The front−end development ecosystem is constantly changing. It is getting harder for business owners to choose the finest library or framework from the many available since new tools are released daily. Speaking of frontend, React.js have been setting records in the web development industry for some time and doing splendidly despite having huge competition. Why is it so? How is it that react has been able to rule the IT industry while other libraries are still struggling? We’ll get all these answers in this blog. So, let’s dive in − What is React.js? React is an open−source, front−end JavaScript library, ... Read More

A Guide To Server-Side Rendering In React

Payal Mittal
Updated on 07-Nov-2022 09:12:19
Server−side rendering has been around for a while now. It was first introduced in the early 2000s and has been used by many websites since then. The idea behind this technique is to pre−render HTML pages on a server and send them back to the client's browser as they request them. With server-side rendering (SSR), the page is rendered on the server. This ensures that the page is available to users even before it loads on their browser. We’ll get to know more about SSR in this article − How Server-side Rendering (SSR) Works? It is the process of rendering ... Read More

How To Add Lifecycle Methods To a Class In ReactJS?

Huda Sameer
Updated on 23-Aug-2022 08:49:34
Every component in React has a lifecycle that incorporates several phases. Programmers usually think of this lifecycle as the component’s ‘lifetime’. The components experience the following events: Mounting, Updating, Unmounting, and Error handling. Mounting refers to the procedure of adding nodes and updating requires programmers to alter and change these nodes in the DOM. Unmounting, on the other hand, removes nodes and error handling tracks your code to ensure it works and is bug-free. These occurrences can be compared to a component's birth, development, and eventual demise. You can override multiple lifecycle methods in each React lifecycle phase to execute ... Read More

How do I embed JavaScript expressions into JSX?

Geetu Magoo
Updated on 23-Aug-2022 08:39:05
JSX is an extension used to easily create templates in ReactJS, a prominent framework of Javascript. Similar to how Javascript files are saved under the extension .js, React files are saved under the extension. jsx. With JSX, programmers can write HTML code in React and easily render the elements in the React DOM without needing additional methods or functions. What's more? JSX was created with the intention of easily converting HTML elements into React elements. In fact, JSX is beneficial for all sorts of programmers due to the fact that it’s faster than conventional Javascript. Developers can also design UI ... Read More
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