Are employees of a company really interested in training?

There is an old saying

"You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink".

In the world of Employee Training, it is true in more ways than you think. Some employees don’t want to learn anything out of the training session. They just refuse and rebel against any form of change. It is really important to understand the process of training.

It can never be effective if the bunch of people doesn't consist of the right trainer and correct participants. It is a vicious circle. If the customer satisfaction scores are poor, then the solution to it is ‘training of staff’. Still, if the scores are poor, then train more. The solution is not always training, it is the evaluation of root cause. The main step in between this cycle is missing. If the scores are still not improving then we need to look around for other factors, which may be:

How to Make Training Fruitful?

To make training successful, you need the right trainer and the right audience who are ready to pull out all the knowledge from the trainer. They should be open to ask questions and should be ready to question the theories.

  • The Practical Component should be an important part of the session. The practice helps the participants understand how the skills can be used.

  • Various Scenarios from real life, help the participants in understanding how the skills were used and what mistakes to avoid.

  • Free Mind of Participants to make them grasp more. People must be encouraged to participate as much as they can in discussions.

  • Training Cannot Help in changing behavior. It can work only as a mode to transfer knowledge and introduce skills but must be supported by other factors.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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