What are the things that make good employees quit a company?

Retaining the best people in your organization is truly an art and requires a lot of effort in different ways right from appraisal to allocation of responsibilities. While the HR team in the company tries their level best to keep the employees satisfied, there are different factors that eventually lead to good employees quitting a company.


  • A manager plays a very important role in giving effective feedback to his colleagues. She/he is a mentor and coach in bringing out the best in an employee.

  • However, when the manager starts becoming bossy, hostile or arrogant, the employees function in fear rather than freedom.

  • A strained relationship between the manager and the employee frustrates the latter causing him /her to leave the job.

Lack of motivation

  • Motivation acts as a booster or an accelerator for any individual in any rank of the hierarchy of an organization.

  • Every good employee feels that the work was done should be appreciated and recognized in the form of awards, incentives, and promotions.

  • When such things cease to exist in an organization and nepotism also becomes rampant, no employee feels the spirit and energy to do any work further and search for better prospects.

Snatching the credits

  • It literally implies that the actual hard work is done by someone and only the end person gets the recognition.

  • A repeated pattern of such behavior causes maximum talented personnel to leave the organization.

An absence of good friends

  • Good employees also expect a friend circle with whom they can have intellectually stimulating discussions.

  • If they find their friend circle dull, boring and uninteresting, they do feel the solidarity with the organization.

  • Keeping grudges and jealousy factor also adds fuel to the fire. No one can deny the fact that man is a social animal and functioning in isolation is impossible for him.

No grievance Redressal

  • A strong Grievance Redressal Mechanism stands as a symbol of strength and inspiration for both the internal and external stakeholders of an organization.

  • No organization functions without conflicts, disputes, and difference of opinions. Hence, a mechanism that caters to these issues and finds effective solutions while maintaining confidentiality is extremely essential.

  • An employee can feel that if there is no one to cater to your grievances, then there is no safety in working in the organization.

Long-term ambitions and your passion

  • There are many people who perform very well in their jobs but their actual aspiration lies somewhere else.

  • The work is not fulfilling the passion of an individual e.g. a person want to teach a subject but is actually doing a government job. At such times, good employees quit the organization to pursue their untouched dreams and ambitions.

Job security and salary

  • In such cases, the person is fearing in constant threat of getting fired, no proper bonus is awarded and the salary is not credited on time. With such a scenario, no good employee feels the need to contribute the expertise to such an organization.