What are the Best Salesforce Training Institutions in Bangalore?

Salesforce is one of the essential CRM software companies used worldwide. But is it that easy to use? Unfortunately, no, because this is a specialty software, you need some field training to implement and use it.

When it comes to finding good institutions in Bangalore which can aid you with Salesforce training, thankfully, there are a few which do the job right. Not only that, Bangalore is a tech city, and hence the need in this field is also poignant. Thankfully, finding a good institution that can train you in this field opens up many avenues and can be great for your career. 

Today, we will discuss some of the best institutions you can try out regarding Salesforce training in Bangalore. Not only that, the institutions we will discuss are extremely well-qualified; hence, you can handle everything else. If you have a passion for the domain of Salesforce and want to learn more to upgrade your knowledge, you are in the right spot.

Best Institutes In Bangalore For Salesforce Training

Bangalore is a city that is beaming with opportunities and options. Consequently, when it comes to training in the Salesforce field, you have a couple of options that could work out great for you. Not only that, the institutions we will talk about have been in the field for some time now and hence know exactly how to guide you towards the better. In this case, some of the best institutes that we need to talk about are −

Basant Technologies

As promising as the course is, this is your ultimate choice if you want to learn the best of digital advancements. Surely, since Salesforce training is one of the most progressive ones, Basant Technologies is the best. Not only that, but they also have a 100% placement record, which is very promising. That Institute will ensure you have a good understanding right from the basics to the more advanced levels.

You only need to sign up for the courses as early as possible because there are always limited seats. The good thing about the institution is that you will appear for the placements they arrange once they certify your learning. How does it prove to be promising for you? The good thing is that you get to start your career with great opportunities, which boosts your career. There are trained faculties that will help you to put your knowledge in perspective and aid you better for the future.


As unique as the name sounds, the good thing about InventaTeq is that it is a premium company and surely gets the knowledge in perspective for you. If you want to venture into this field and try it, you have to sign up for their classes at the earliest.

You will be able to learn the nitty-gritty of the course, and there will be the best minds in the field to guide you on this. Sounds promising. But why should you consider them just based on this? The good thing is that when it comes to InventaTeq, there are a lot of promising aspects that make them a better option in the market. Some of them are −

  • Practical Training; Not only theoretical knowledge about how to understand the course, but you also get enough practical knowledge to guide you towards better understanding.

  • Live Project Training − While you are still under training, the Institute will arrange so that you can participate in the ongoing live projects and learn how it works.

  • Certification For the Course − Once you pass the course and complete your training, you will get a certificate that will testify that you are a professionally trained candidate. It tends to have a good impact on your resume for sure. 

  • Work and Study Together − It is possible that, as working professionals, you do not have the time to invest in a course separately. However, such is the course structure that it is not at all difficult for you to manage your course and job simultaneously. The course design is especially for those who want to venture more into the field and gain expertise.

FITA Academy

And finally, the last name in this discussion that we have to mention under all circumstances is none other than the very promising FITA Academy. The good thing about the course is that it has been designed by professionals who have been excellent minds in the field of Salesforce CRM.

Experienced in the field of Salesforce, you will get hands-on experience that can prepare you better. Not only that, when it comes to FITA Academy, the course fees are also extremely affordable and hence the perfect choice for you to upgrade your skills. Sign up today, and you will get to train in all the important domains.


These are the top 3 Salesforce training institutions in Bangalore. We cannot deny that knowing how to administer the Salesforce CRM software is a big bonus. Also, because there is such a widespread demand for the right use of the software, there are ample job opportunities to try out. The only thing that you need to do is understand the usage and have a certification that can testify for the same. If you are planning to start in Bangalore, choose the institutions we have mentioned, and it should be fine for you! 

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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