Anyone Can Upload Files In Your Dropbox

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We find, class teachers asking students to submit their homework at the end of the week, companies asking designers to send their design drafts and mock-up for review. The easy solution would be sending e-mail and then they can use the attachment script so that it automatically download these files to their computer. The major problem is that, you cannot receive large files via email and secondly it takes some work to organize stuff that arrives in email.

It would be easier if one can create a public folder on the internet, where individuals could go and simply upload the files instead of sending them file attachments.

To your Dropbox, Let Anyone Upload Files to Your Dropbox

Let anyone upload the files, this is the essence of Dropbox requests. The request service would let anyone, directly upload files to a designated folder in your Dropbox account quickly and easily. They do not require a Dropbox account and they will get instant email notification as soon as the new files get added to your Dropbox. Individuals can upload files as big as 2GB, provided desired Dropbox wherein they wish to upload has enough free space. This particular feature is missing in

Google Drive, but individuals can build a form wherein anyone can upload their files to your Drive, through the help of Google scripts.

If your Dropbox request link is unlisted, it means anyone can access your file upload form, even if they get to know the URL. Also while uploading the files, the uploader is required to write their email address and their name in the upload form, but these are not verified, so upload will happen even if the individuals enter the fake information.

Dropbox does not share details of the individuals who have uploaded the files, even though in their database they record the IP address of the one who has created Dropbox. Thus, Dropbox request might not be an ideal solution if you tend to operate a Wikileaks-like website wherein you would not like others to leave a digital trail.

Creating Dropbox Account is Easy

Users by following the below steps, they can with ease install Dropbox and start sharing videos and photos with family, friends, and colleagues.

Signup for Dropbox

Individuals need to visit the Dropbox homepage and then sign-in to create their account. You need not use your credit card, it is free. Once you sign up, it will take you to screen where you will get a special offer.

At this particular point, the incentive to follow through is not much but you will get an opportunity to learn more about Dropbox and how it works.

Dropbox Tour

The initial tour of Dropbox is basic and simple. It is home for all your files which includes documents, videos, and photos. It allows the users to save their files on their devices and also on Dropbox cloud storage website. By this, the user can access their files anywhere. In a business environment, Dropbox not only makes it easy but also makes it safer to share files with your family, colleagues, and friends.

On Your Computer, Install Dropbox

You will find a download button, once you click download – it would automatically start and once it has been downloaded, you would be prompted to sign-in again. At the bottom of the screen, you will able to view a link stating – sign to my Dropbox folder. After doing that, you need to click the Dropbox icon which is on the top left of your browser screen, so that you can return to the homepage.

Putting Files in your Dropbox

You will find, your folder is already on your computer. You can also locate in your main navigation on windows, and you must also have a desktop icon installed. All you required to do is just click and drag the file you wish to add to drop folder.

Then return to start page, you would have completed three of the five steps needed to get a special offer.

Install on your Mobile Device, Dropbox

For many, trying to share picture and videos from smart phone to computer has always been a bit of pain. Hence many prefer to install Dropbox on their mobile device. Once you click the link, you would be taken to this page.

Click the link to, enter your phone number and text my phone. You would be sent a text, but it might take a few minutes. While you are waiting, pick one last objective to complete.

With Friends or Colleagues, Share a Folder

When you click on this particular link, you would be taken to the share page, in-case if you have not shared anything then you have to click on “shared folder button”. Then you will be prompted to verify your email address. Next, click the button “send email” and once you get the email. Then you will need to click “verify” where you would be redirected back to Dropbox. Now, you can create a new shared folder: Find your shared folder right in your main menu. And now you will get about 250 MB storage bonus and you can start experimenting with Dropbox.

Dropbox looks really simple to the end user and is extremely magical and just works. But under the hood, the complexity of the technology is huge. The amount of work it requires to store, scale and move this data is pretty intense. Ruchi Sanghvi

Updated on 25-Apr-2022 10:30:20