Can anyone help me about integration of Hybris with SAP ERP?

Many companies have an on-premise solution that contains master data, customer and product information, and pricing data. Details from SAP ECC system is required when opportunities are won and the sales order is generated.

Following are the key reasons why an integration is required with SAP ERP and CRM system −

  • To provide an organization level solution for all sales, marketing and service activities including all subsidiaries, sales offices.
  • Many companies prefer as SAP Cloud solution for customer user experience that helps sales representatives to provide outstanding customer experience and SAP CRM as back-end system to support key activities.
  • An organization wants to extend existing CRM platform to new users.
  • SAP CRM system is up and running smoothly but the company wants to switch over to cloud solution for managing new deployments and releases.
  • To replace existing cloud SFA solution with SAP Cloud for Customer.
  • SAP provides standard integration scenarios for integration with SAP ERP and SAP CRM. Integration with ERP and CRM is very common.

Updated on: 26-Feb-2020


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