Dropbox Alternatives

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service which helps users to store their documents and access them from anywhere. The stored documents can be shared on various platforms when needed. Dropbox is also known as an online backup service and users will never lose their files. Dropbox Basic is available for free and can be installed on all platforms.

Cost of Dropbox

The cost of different versions of Dropbox can be found below


Cost in US dollars




$9.99 per month


$16.99 per month

Why Dropbox Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of Dropbox which are as follows −

  • Administrators or developers can delete information from the free and inactive accounts

  • Free accounts have limited storage

  • Dropbox is costly

  • Lacks security

  • Search function is limited

How to choose a Dropbox Alternative?

Dropbox has many features and people who are looking for an alternative to the cloud-based service should find the following features −

  • File sharing

  • Large file transfer

  • Storage and backup

  • Syncing with devices

  • Compatible with popular operating systems

Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox has many free and paid alternatives and we will discuss some of them in detail.

Alternative 1 – Sync.com

Sync.com is a Toronto-based website that is used to store files. The website is cloud-based and takes care of the privacy and security of the information stored by the users. Files stored can be easily shared. The files can be uploaded by placing them in the sync folder. File sharing has different features like link expiration dates, download limits, and granular permissions.


  • Free storage of 5GB after signing up

  • Different options for file sharing

  • Security and privacy


  • End-to-end encryption is available in all the plans

  • Other parties cannot track your data

  • Share an unlimited number of files and folders


  • No plans for unlimited cloud storage

Alternative 2 – Google Drive

Google Drive allows its users to store data on the cloud. These files can be synced and used in multiple devices. You can also back up your files so that you cannot lose them. Data can be shared easily and files can be edited if permission is given by the owner. Google provides free 15 GB storage which can be expanded to 100 GB in the basic plan whose cost is $1.99 per month.


  • Share your files

  • Store files as backup

  • 15GB free storage


  • Google Drive is compatible with all platforms

  • Files can be stored, shared, and synced

  • Google Drive supports the integration of third-party app


  • A Google account is needed to use Google Drive

Alternative 3 – pCloud

pCloud is popular because of its cloud security. The platform comes with an integrated media player which helps in the streaming of media files. TLS protocol and AES-256-bit encryption are used to protect the files. pCloud Drive is also available which you can use to see your files. There is no need of an internet connection if pCloud Drive is set up. Links have to be generated to share files. You can also share files through social media


  • Files are stored in a secure environment

  • Access files without an internet connection through pCloud Drive

  • Shared files can be secured through passwords and expiry date


  • Media player is integrated

  • Any folder can be synced

  • Fast


  • No feature of document integration

  • Extra encryption cost

Alternative 4 – Internxt

Internet is a secured cloud-based service in which sharing and storage of files are done under end-to- end encryption. The platform provides three services which include Photos, Drive, and Send. Users' privacy is the main concern of the platform. You can limit the number of file downloads. You can also control your data access.


  • Setting up backup is easy

  • File downloads can be limited

  • Files are uploaded and shared under a secure environment


  • Your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized users

  • The platform is transparent and open-source

  • Free plan provides 10GB storage


  • Cannot integrate with many third-party apps

Alternative 5 – OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive comes with a lot of features which users can use to store and share files. OneDrive has 1TB of cloud storage space and it provides the services of backup and data protection. You can scan and then store your document. Personal Vault protection is used for data security. Free version of OneDrive allows users to save folders which can later be accessed offline.


  • Free version has a lot of features

  • Data can be backed up easily

  • Documents are scanned and stored


  • OneDrive can be integrated with MS Office

  • Documents can be scanned and stored

  • OneDrive provides Personal Vault protection to your data


  • A Microsoft account is needed to use the cloud-based storage service

Alternative 6 – Icedrive

Icedrive is a new cloud storage service that comes with excellent file synchronization options. User interface is beautiful and the service is available at an affordable price. Context menu can be used to sync a folder on a computer to the drive. The user interface is easy to use and is well-designed. The platform also provides security and privacy to the data stored.


  • File synchronization options are excellent

  • Affordable price

  • The service provides privacy and security


  • Icedrive has a beautiful design

  • Zero-knowledge security

  • Preview of files is available

  • Virtual drive


  • Block-level sync is not available

  • Document integration feature does not exist

  • Collaboration options are not available

Alternative 7 – Box

Box is another cloud service and an alternative to Dropbox. The platform can be used by collaborative teams and companies. The platform comes with a lot of tools and features which help in easy collaboration with partners, vendors, and customers.


  • Free plan provides 10GB storage space

  • File upload restriction is 250MB

  • Get 100GB space after paying $10 per month


  • End-to-end data protection

  • Edit share and review files at a single location

  • Tools are available for the automation of workflows


  • Lifetime storage solution is not available

Alternative 8 – Tresorit

Tresorit can be used on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. This platform support helps in easy collaboration. Data is protected through enterprise-level security. Your files will be secured even if you are editing them. This feature is not available with many cloud-based services. You have the option of providing sharing rights to your file.


  • Access files across 10 devices through the premium plan

  • Get 1TB storage from all plans

  • File is secured even if you are editing them


  • Security provided to the data is of enterprise level

  • Free accounts get 3GB data

  • The service supports multiple platforms


  • Does not have advanced features

  • Storage limit is low

Alternative 9 – Mega

Mega cloud service is popular for its security and privacy. It is a great alternative to Dropbox in spite of the fact that it is not cheap. You can use the service to sync any folder. Files can be shared by generating links. You can also share files through emails. You need to have a premium subscription to protect your files through passwords. All the data is secured through the zero-knowledge encryption.


  • Secure files with zero-knowledge security

  • Files can be shared by generating links or sending emails

  • Zero knowledge encryption is used for security


  • Mega provides a lot of storage space

  • Security and privacy are excellent

  • Any folder can be synced


  • Expensive in comparison to Dropbox

  • User interface needs improvement

  • Collaboration features do not exist

Alternative 10 – NordLocker

NordLocker is another cloud storage solution and an alternative to Dropbox. It is compatible with different platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. NordLocker provides zero-knowledge security to the stored files.


  • Free account has 3GB secure cloud storage

  • Local and cloud lockers allow users to store files

  • Easy synchronization


  • Files can be stored for backup

  • Files can be edited directly

  • Money back guarantee is available


  • No plans for unlimited storage


Dropbox can be used to store files and folders on the cloud. This will help you to save space on your system. It is costly and also provide very less storage space in its free version. There are many alternatives that provide a lot of storage space along with other features.

Updated on: 09-May-2023


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