Anju Modi: The Diva of Fashion World

The 27-year-old brand Anju Modi features modern splendor that draws influence from India’s many cultural traditions. Rewinding the circle of life is the subject of this collection, which also offers vintage clothing that stays faithful to its roots. She is one of the very few who has made a significant contribution to the design diaspora by secretively and persistently reviving long-forgotten artisan practices. The basis of the label, which fills a gap she has established, has been her work with the modernization of traditional crafts like Chanderi Weaving, Kota Fabrics, Varanasi Zari work, and Bandhani printing. She has received praise for her most recent work in Bollywood blockbusters like Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani.

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Anju Modi was born in Ranchi on March 13, 1954, on a Saturday. She is a Pisces by horoscope. She attended Ranchi’s Loreto Convent School for her formal education before transferring to Ranchi Women’s College. Anju’s husband is Naresh Kumar Modi. In an interview, she declared that her husband died. She was also separated from her wedding house after a while of marriage. With her kids, Anju Modi has made New Delhi her home. She has a daughter-in-law named Priyanka Modi and a son named Ankur Modi. Ankur Modi completed his agricultural engineering degree and received training from his mother. His wife, Priyanka Modi, attended the London School of Fashion and spent two to three years working for a French company. In 2002, they launched their fashion brand, AMPM. In 2007–2008, they debuted their first limited-edition store at Delhi’s Crescent Mall. They currently operate 30 stores across India.

Collections and Career

Anju Modi began her professional life in the early 1990s. She began working with textiles at her brother’s home in Bangalore. She used to travel to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala to visit the weaving and craft markets.

She originally experimented with the hybrid cloth when her career began in the 1990s. Real silver thread was used to create the fabric. The fabric was made using Varanasi fabrics. Anju began her new project of a unique tie and dye technique from Rajasthan called Bandhani and worked on it from 1993 to 1995 after seeing the enormous popularity of mixed cloth in Varanasi. This method embellishes the conventional textile with geometric designs and muted hues. She spent more time discovering Rajasthan’s textiles and crafts between 1995 and 1999. She demonstrated to local craftspeople how to use their skills in fresh ways.

Additionally, she promoted the use of Bagru textile crafts, Sanganeri block printing methods, and Kota Doria fabrics. Later, in the early 2000s, she demonstrated her contemporary Chanderi weaving methods. She created a new line of rich Khadi for this purpose by using a new slub-yarn process. She created unique fabrics in Banaras in 2016 for the Neelambar line. The pattern combined old wisdom with a dash of contemporary. It has structural silhouettes with steeple and spire architectural elements. Her second craft, Sunehri Kothi, is a collection with decorations made of stones, gold, and silverwork that is inspired by Rajasthan.

Anju’s distinctive traditional art and Victorian beauty were featured in A Maiden’s Prayer, a series she produced in 2018. Her artwork, Masakali, was influenced by the pink city’s architecture for the 2019 spring-summer collection. Then comes her Parnika line, an all-white ensemble that has been transformed by ethereal designs.


Anju Modi is the definition of the fashion industry since she lives and breathes fashion design. Both seasoned designers and budding designers find inspiration in her creations. The clothing designed by Anju Modi skillfully combines vintage Indian handicrafts with a contemporary aesthetic. In many interviews, she stated that despite her struggles, her passion led her to where she is now. She gave positive remarks about her work with a smile. She calls her efforts (traveling on extremely busy business road trips to various work sites to teach local artisans) fruitful.


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Updated on: 13-Oct-2022


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