Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi (AMPM): A Step Towards Simplicity

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Ankur and Priyanka Modi are two of the top Indian fashion designers who are also known for the simplicity of their work. The couple is based in Delhi and runs a business in the fashion industry from there itself.

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What is AMPM?

Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi founded the luxury preppy label, named “AMPM”. According to Priyanka Modi, AMPM is highly enriched with elegance, effortless, bearable functional garments that are balanced in aesthetics with high quality. Nevertheless, it is very fair on price. The brand focuses on simplicity and maintaining the aesthetics of the garment. The journey of AMPM is interesting. It was the hard work and dedication of Ankur and Priyanka Modi that, with their small steps into the fashion industry, they made a big influence on the audience. With the business in the hands of Ankur Modi and the designing in Priyanka’s, the couple made a good duo in maintaining the grace of the brand. The brand is more focused on building outfits for women.

Who are Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi?

Ankur Modi was the son of Anju Modi, a fashion designer of her time. Ankur got an interest in the designing field from his genes while taking training from his mother. Ankur completed his studies in the agriculture field but never took it further. He later married Priyanka, whose background was in fashion design and was an alumnus of the “London School of Fashion”. The business part was handled by Ankur Modi, and the designs by Priyanka Modi.

In 2007, the couple opened their first store in Delhi, which was a success. Then, in no time, they opened various stores in different cities, which kicked off their business. Priyanka also mentioned joining her mother-in-law’s business, but their goals and ambitions were never matched. Where Anju Modi wanted the dreamy look and style, Priyanka was more inclined towards subtlety. In the era of modernity, the togetherness of Ankur and Priyanka Modi focused on comfort and simplicity over complexity.

Famous Collections

The subtlety in the styles and designs of AMPM made them unique. Some of their best collections are given below:


Itminaan is a winter collection that focuses on patience and virtue. The fabric denotes serenity and consists of space. The collection is mainly about luxury and modernity with comfort. With the warmth in the pockets, the garment is all ready to wear.

The Summer Essentials

The summer essentials are handmade with a soft and sensitive touch. Keeping in mind the tradition, they are crafted in linen. The artistic motifs change the look of the garments that come in the crop tops. It generally comes in blue and classic ivory colors, which maintains the soothing look.


The Zahia collection is mainly made for the festive season. The charm it possesses gives the feel of Morocco and allows one to travel in their dreams. The cloth possesses a calmness about it, which connects one to the surreal artwork. They are quite versatile in nature.

The Hues of Summer

With the spirit of Rajasthan in it, this collection gives a sense of serenity with a touch of modernity. The colors it generally comes in are ivory, purple, and signature tan. It nicely captures the touch of the modern Indian aesthetic, which connects directly to AMPM.


The AMPM brand was the dream of Priyanka Modi. Priyanka learned many things from her family, which helped her to think in other ways and build a big brand. Her biggest inspiration was her grandparents. The dressing sense of her grandfather attracted Priyanka, and she learnt a lot from him. Her ability to dress according to the occasion helped her build her sense of dressing. Priyanka’s grandmother, who never ran towards the complexity in her clothes, taught Priyanka to stick to the simplicity in clothing style. However, the lack of luxury at that time in fashion is evident. Then Priyanka’s journey of making AMPM, a luxury-pret started.


Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi, with their love and creativity, create another level of clothing style which is attractive and comforting at the same time. Their way of thinking is causing a significant shift in the fashion industry by reconnecting customers to a more traditional feel. The subtlety in their work and art crafts are very unique to wear, which can easily highlight the wearers. Simplicity plays a big role in society’s change towards feminism.

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