Amazon RDS - Event Notifications

Throughout the life cycle of amazon RDS DB instances, many DB events occur which are important to be known beforehand. For example - A backup of the DB instance has started, or an error has occurred while restarting MySQL or MariaDB.

Notification Categories

Based on the nature of the event, notifications can be classified into following categories.

Category Example
Availability DB instance is restarting or undergoing controlled shutdown
Backup backup of the DB instance has started, or it is complete
Configuration change The DB instance class for this DB instance is being changed or it is being converted to a Single-AZ DB instance.
Failover The instance has recovered from a partial failover.
Failure The DB instance has failed due to an incompatible configuration
Notification Patching of the DB instance has completed
Recovery Recovery of the DB instance is complete
Restoration The DB instance has been restored from a DB snapshot

Creating Event Notifications

Below are the steps to create event subscriptions through which the notifications are sent to the subscriber.


Choose the Event subscription tab from the RDS dashboard.


We give a name to the event and choose the subscription source.


Now choosing the source.



In the next step we see the details of the source type of a subscription type chosen for the event.