Amazon RDS - Environment

For using any Aws service you ned to set up an AWS account. We assume you have set up the AWS account by following the guide lines mentioned in the Amazon Web Services aws home page. Below are the preliminary steps to access the RDS services from the console.


After logging in to the amazon console, to access the RDS services we need to navigate to the Amazon RDS home page by searching for RDS in the search box of under the services tag as shown in the diagram below.



On clicking the link above we get the Amazon RDS home page. If it is the first time ever you are accessing RDS services, then it will show you a screen prompting for creating a database as shown below.


In case you have already created some RDS resources a summary of that will be available by scrolling down in the above page. A screen shot is shown below.



The next screen gives us an option to select the DB engine we need and that is the start of our configuration steps for the database we need.


In the next chapter we will see the details on each of the industry’s popular database configuration and usage one by one.