Agra Fort tutorial

Agra Fort, Agra

Agra Fort is one of the largest forts in India. The fort was under Rajputs, Mughals, Suris, Marathas, and British. It was renovated by Mughal dynasty and in this period many structures were built inside the fort. The fort consists of many attractions like mosques, public and private halls, palaces, gardens, and other attractions. This tutorial will let you know about the history of the fort along with the structures present inside the fort.


This tutorial is made for the people who would like to know about the history of Agra Fort along with the interiors and design of the monument. This monument is visited by many people from India and abroad.


Before entering the fort, the tourists must check that they are not carrying any edibles. Besides these, smoking is not allowed inside the fort. Mobile chargers, knives, pens, electronic items, wires, etc. are not allowed inside the complex though they can take camera with them. Tourists are also suggested to take an approved guide who can explain the different structures inside the fort.