Advanced Excel - Slicers


Slicers were introduced in Excel 2010 to filter the data of pivot table. In Excel 2013, you can create Slicers to filter your table data also.

A Slicer is useful because it clearly indicates what data is shown in your table after you filter your data.

Step 1 − Click in the Table. TABLE TOOLS tab appears on the ribbon.

Table Tools

Step 2 − Click on DESIGN. The options for DESIGN appear on the ribbon.

Step 3 − Click on Insert Slicer. A Insert Slicers dialog box appears.

Step 4 − Check the boxes for which you want the slicers. Click on Genre.

Step 5 − Click OK.

Insert Slicer

The slicer appears. Slicer tools appear on the ribbon. Clicking the OPTIONS button, provides various Slicer Options.

Slicer Tool Options

Step 6 − In the slicer, click the items you want to display in your table. To choose more than one item, hold down CTRL, and then pick the items you want to show.

Slicer Selected Items