Advanced Excel - Chart Design


Ribbon of Chart Tools

When you click on your Chart, the CHART TOOLS tab, comprising of the DESIGN and FORMAT tabs is introduced on the ribbon.

Step 1 − Click on the Chart. CHART TOOLS with the DESIGN and FORMAT tabs will be displayed on the ribbon.

Ribbon of Chart Tools

Let us understand the functions of the DESIGN tab.

Step 1 − Click on the chart.

Step 2 − Click on the DESIGN tab. The Ribbon now displays all the options of Chart Design.

Ribbon of Chart Design

The first button on the ribbon is the Add Chart Element, which is the same as the Chart Elements, given at the upper right corner of the Charts as shown below.

Ribbon Add Chart Element

Quick Layout

You can use Quick Layout to change the overall layout of the Chart quickly by choosing one of the predefined layout options.

Step 1 − Click on Quick Layout. Different possible layouts will be displayed.

Quick Layout

Step 2 − As you move on the layout options, the chart layout changes to that particular option. A preview of how your chart will look is shown.

Chart Layout Changes

Step 3 − Click on the layout you like. The chart will be displayed with the chosen layout.

Change Colors

The Change Colors option is the same as in CHART ELEMENTS → Change Styles → COLOR.

Change Colors

Chart Styles

The Chart Styles option is the same as in CHART ELEMENTS → Change Styles → STYLE.

Chart Styles Option

Switch Row / Column

You can use the Switch Row / Column button on the ribbon to change the display of data from X-axis to Y-axis and vice versa. Follow the steps given below to understand this.

Switch Row / Column

Step 1 − Click on Switch Row / Column. You can see that the data will be swapped between X-Axis and Y-Axis.

Switch Row / Column

Select Data

You can change the Data Range included in the chart using this command.

Select Data

Step 1 − Click on Select Data. The Select Data Source window appears as shown in the image given below.

Step 2 − Select the Chart Data Range.

Chart Data Range

The window also has the options to edit the Legend Entries (Series) and Categories. This is the same as Chart Elements → Chart Filters → VALUES.

Chart Filters VALUES

Change Chart Type

You can change to a different Chart Type using this option.

Different Chart Type

Step 1 − Click on the Change Chart Type window. The Change Chart Type window appears.

Diffrent Chart Type

Step 2 − Select the Chart Type you want. The Chart will be displayed with the type chosen.

Move Chart

You can move the Chart to another Worksheet in the Workbook using this option.

Move Chart

Click on Move Chart. The Move Chart window appears.

Move Chart Appear