Advanced Excel - Leader Lines


A Leader Line is a line that connects a data label and its associated data point. It is helpful when you have placed a data label away from a data point.

In earlier versions of Excel, only the pie charts had this functionality. Now, all the chart types with data label have this feature.

Add a Leader Line

Step 1 − Click on the data label.

Step 2 − Drag it after you see the four-headed arrow.

Four-Headed Line

Step 3 − Move the data label. The Leader Line automatically adjusts and follows it.

Adjusts Leader Line

Format Leader Lines

Step 1 − Right-click on the Leader Line you want to format.

Format Leader Line

Step 2 − Click on Format Leader Lines. The Format Leader Lines task pane appears. Now you can format the leader lines as you require.

Format Leader Line Pane Appear

Step 3 − Click on the icon Fill & Line.

Step 4 − Click on LINE.

Step 5 − Make the changes that you want. The leader lines will be formatted as per your choices.