Advanced Excel - Flash Fill


Flash Fill helps you to separate first and last names or part names and numbers, or any other data into separate columns.

Step 1 − Consider a data column containing full names.

Column Containing Full Names

Step 2 − Enter the first name in the column next to your data and press Enter.

Enter First Names

Step 3 − Start typing the next name. Flash Fill will show you a list of suggested names.

List of Suggested Names

Step 4 − Press Enter to accept the list.

Accept List

Step 5 − Enter a last name in the next column, and press Enter.

Enter Last Name

Step 6 − Start typing the next name and press Enter. The column will be filled with the relevant last names.

Data Fileld With Flash-fil

Step 7 − If the names have middle names also, you can still use Flash Fill to separate the data out into three columns by repeating it three times.

Enter Middle Name

Flash Fill works with any data you need to split into more than one column, or you can simply use it to fill out data based on an example. Flash Fill typically starts working when it recognizes a pattern in your data.