Word Problem With Subtraction of a Whole Number and a Decimal: Regrouping With Zeros

Danny and his classmates weighed colored blocks on a scale during a science lab. The blue block weighed 109 grams and the yellow block weighed 87.19 grams. How much more did the blue block weigh than the yellow block?


Step 1:

The weight of blue block = 109 grams

The weight of yellow block = 87.19 grams

Step 2:

The difference of the weights

= 109.00 – 87.19 = 21.81 grams

Mason mixed 5.18 grams of salt into a soup he was cooking. The recipe required 11 grams of salt. How much more salt did Mason put into the soup?


Step 1:

Required amount of salt = 11.00 grams

Salt mixed = 5.18 grams

Step 2:

The amount of salt required to be mixed

= 11.00 − 5.18 = 5.82 grams

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