Starting SAP HANA Studio with immediate system logon

Yes, to perform an immediate login you have to navigate to Installation directory and use the following start parameters −

  • -h  Host name

  • -n  Instance number

  • -u  User name

User name with special characters should be enclosed in double quotations (“”).

Windows OS

  • hdbstudio.exe -h hanademo -n 03 -u HANAADMIN

  • hdbstudio.exe -h hanademo -n 03 -u "&hanatest"

Linux OS

  • hdbstudio -h hana -n 03 –u HANAADMIN

  • hdbstudio -h hana -n 03 -u "&hana"

Mac OS

  • open -a /Applications/sap/ --args -h hana -n 03 -u HANAADMIN

  • open -a /Applications/sap/ --args -h hana -n 03 -u "&hana"

Once you run above from command line, this will open HANA Studio. If you are prompted to enter password you enter password and you are logged in.