Performing different SAP logon check while connecting to HANA


<p style="">When a user logins to the HANA system, the following steps are performed &minus;</p><h2 style="">Step 1&nbsp;</h2><p style="">The system authenticates the user using the configured mechanism.</p><p style=""><strong>Example </strong>&minus; When User name/password authentication is being enforced, the provided user name and password are verified.</p><h2 style="">Step 2</h2><p style="">The system verifies that the user&#39;s account is within its validity period.</p><p>In the system view USERS, the columns VALID_FROM and VALID_UNTIL must contain effective values for the user in question.</p><p>However, this is an optional parameter that a user administrator can set during user provisioning.</p><h2 style="">Step 3</h2><p style="">The next step is system verifies that the user&#39;s account is active.</p><p>This can be performed by checking the value in the system view &ldquo;USERS&rdquo;, the column IS_DEACTIVATED must contain the value FALSE for the user in question.</p><p style="">A user account may be deactivated explicitly by a system administrator or by the system.</p><p style="">&nbsp;<strong>Example&nbsp;</strong>&minus; due to too many invalid logon attempts.</p><p style="">When the above checks are successful, it allows users to login to SAP HANA system.</p>
Updated on 22-Jun-2020 08:50:36