Different perspectives in SAP HANA Studio

SAP HANA studio is an Eclipse-based tool and provides a central development environment and an administration tool for HANA database. These are the features of HANA Studio client −

  • HANA Studio is a client tool, which can be used to access local or remote HANA system.
  •  You can use HANA Studio for performing HANA Administration, HANA Information Modeling and Data Provisioning.

You can use SAP HANA Studio on Microsoft Windows 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 platforms.

SAP HANA Studio provides perspectives to work on the following HANA features. You can choose Perspective in HANA Studio from the following option −

HANA Studio → Window → Open Perspective → Other

Below are the most common perspectives in HANA Studio client −

  • SAP HANA Studio Administration −

  • Toolset for various administration tasks, excluding transportable design-time repository objects. General troubleshooting tools like tracing, the catalog browser and SQL Console are also included.

  • To Perform HANA Database Administration and monitoring features, SAP HANA Administration Console Perspective can be used.

  • Administrator Editor can be accessed in several ways −

  • From System View Toolbar − Choose Open Administration default button

  • In System View − Double Click on HANA System or Open Perspective

  • SAP HANA Studio Database Development −

  • It provides Toolset for content development. It addresses, in particular, the DataMarts and ABAP on SAP HANA scenarios, which do not include SAP HANA native application development (XS).

  • SAP HANA Studio Application Development &mins;

  • SAP HANA system contains a small Web server, which can be used to host small applications. It provides Toolset for developing SAP HANA native applications like application code written in Java and HTML.