How to add background music to your web page?

To add background music on a web page, use <embed>…</embed> element. Also, use the autoplay attribute. This will run music in the background whenever the page loads.

Set the width and height in a way the player hides on the web page. The loop attribute is added to specify whether the audio will start over again. Add the music file to the server and mention the link in src attribute.


You can try to run the following code to add background music to your web page:

Live Demo

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>HTML background music</title>
      <p>The music is running in the background.</p>
      <p>(Song: Kalimba which is provided as a Sample Music in Windows)</p>
      <embed src="/html/Kalimba.mp3" loop="true" autostart="true" width="2" height="0">

Updated on: 13-Sep-2023

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