6 Must Have Apps for your Smart Phone

In today’s digital world, we can access just anything and everything, from our small handy buddy, our mobile smartphone. Our little handy phone has become our calendar, reminder, alarm clock, radio, music player, scheduler, phone book, bookstore, movie theater, gaming arcade, portable drive and many more roles it has adapted. With so many roles to play, it is difficult to decide how to accommodate everything in the limited memory space the smartphones have.

With the rise of the usage of the cell phones, the number of apps available in play store is ever increasing. Everyday, thousands of apps make it to the listing in the play store. It is really difficult to decide which apps we should put on our phones, which we should not. Here is this article, I will let you know which are the top 6 useful apps I have on my phone and how they are being beneficial for me.

Here in this article, I am providing Top 6 useful apps which I have on my phone and how they are being beneficial for me –

Google Suite of Apps

Google is practically into everything and hence becomes one of the essential thing required to be on your phone. We all have our primary email ids registered on GMAIL. It is amazing to keep yourself updated with all the important emails always available in your phone. GOOGLE DRIVE is again a superb tool provided by google to carry all your important documents handy in your phone.

For all book lovers, PLAY BOOKS provides a number of free and paid books handy and available all the time on your phone. You can read whenever and wherever you wish. And how can we forget GOOGLE MAPS, which is guiding us through all the traffic and known-unknown roads.

While traveling abroad, GOOGLE TRANSLATOR is like a genie which can help you in reading the brochures and signages in unknown languages.

E-Rail: Indian Rail PNR Enquiry Live

If you are traveling via Indian Railways quite often, then this app is a must have in your phones.

After trying multiple apps, I found this app as the most compact and light weight. It is pretty simple to use and pretty accurate with real-time data.

It is an official app for eRail.in. It provides one stop for getting the train information, live status of the trains, train fares and many more. It does not have a classy User Interface but is fast and compact. It gives relatively simple and quick information about the status of the trains along with the expected platform numbers they are going to reach.


Who won’t agree with the social networking app, WhatsApp? We all know it is used for connecting with people using chat and online calls. But another useful utilization of WhatsApp is for transferring information.

A lot of offices have WhatsApp groups where they can discuss official and unofficial updates related to Organizations. Also, now we can transfer files on WhatsApp, which makes it more useful while transferring data. Of course, with all these benefits in its kitty, it has also become very vulnerable to the various risks. The users can misuse all these services for various reasons and can access unauthorized information.

Other Similar Apps −Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Wynk Music

For music lovers, there are multiple apps available like Gaana.com, TuneIn Radio, Saavn music, Hungama and much more. But I personally loved Wynk music out of all these. Wynk not only provides the huge list of songs in Hindi and English, but also have a good collection in various regional languages.

The good part of Wynk is its Pre-set playlists filtered on various moods and not to forget about the Running Mix. You can also create your own running mix and can adjust the time for the same as well.

Other Similar Apps −Hungama, Saavn, Gaana, TuneIn etc.

TOI − The Times of India

To keep up with the world, it is always good to have an e-newspaper app installed in your phone which can keep you up-to-date with the current affairs. TOI is one of such app which covers almost all the aspects of the news.

It also gives you a glimpse of all types on news on its Home screen. It gives out the notifications in case of any news pops in. Hence, keeping you up-to-date.

Other Similar Apps −HT, Navbharat Times, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala etc.


Being a bookworm, I always wanted an app where I can keep myself in track with the news in the world of books. GoodReads is one such app which keeps you in sync with the new books available on the shelf.

You can even identify the books you want to read and can let your friends know which books you have already read. You can read and review the books and share the same with your friends as well.

Other Similar Apps − Kindle, Ebook Reader etc.

Apart from all these, there are multiple other useful apps which I use like smsBackup+ for backing up my SMS on my Gmail account, Travel Expenses to make quick notes on my daily shedding of money and being in Delhi, Delhi Metro App is a boon, and help in planning my travel across Delhi via Delhi Metro.

With so many apps coming into the market daily, it is really important to be on top in the competition. For the same, the companies need to ensure that these apps should be updated from time to time. There are much more apps which can be useful for an individual or all, and sometimes we just find the best app for ourselves after installing and uninstalling and then again installing many apps.

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