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8 Must have skills for becoming an Android Developer


Android is one of the famous operating systems which is being used across a wide range of devices. Android comprises more than 75% share in mobile operating systems. As the demand of android is huge the number of applications developed in android is also high. Due to continuous increase in the demand of android applications the demand for android developers has also increased. So if you are learning android development and want to excel in this field. Below are the 8 must have skills which you should have to become a successful android developer.

1. Good Knowledge of Java or Kotlin Programming Language

If you are learning android development then you should have good proficiency over java or kotlin programming language. Although having knowledge in the kotlin programming language will be better because Google has declared kotlin as an official programming language for android development. So one should have good knowledge in Kotlin or Java programming language if you are working in the field of android development.

2. Good Understanding of Business

If you are working in the field of android development, you should have good understanding of business. This will help you to understand the problems which are being faced by business and how you can solve the problems faced by business by developing android applications.

3. Good Knowledge of UI and UX Designing

If you are an android developer and working on mobile applications then you will be working on the ui of mobile applications as well. A mobile application should have an attractive and easy to use UI so that the user will find it easy while interacting with the mobile application. This will help to create a more engaging experience for your user with your mobile application.

4. Knowledge of SEO and Marketing

If you are developing an android application, then definitely you will be publishing that application at Google Play for the targeted users. If you want to increase your app downloads then you should take care of SEO while publishing your android application. Along with that you should have marketing skills which will help you to promote your application across various advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

5. Required Skills in Cross Platform Technologies

If you are working as an Android developer you should have knowledge in cross platform solutions used in mobile applications such as Flutter, Cordova and others. Using this solutions you can develop android applications for Android as well as IOS. Google had recently introduced an extension for Kotlin programming language to enable mobile application development beyond the Android platform.

6. You Should have good Research Skills

You should have good research skills so that you can take a look at various market trends and accordingly develop mobile applications based on trends to bring downloads for your applications. Many times while developing android applications if you are creating your own library or working on some new features in that case your research skills will help you to find the solution for it.

7. Ability of Logic Building

If you are working in the field of IT programming then you should be aware of logic building. This skill will help you to build logic in the different methods which you will be building within your applications. This skill is required whether you are developing applications for web, mobile or any platform.

8. Knowledge of Application Testing

If you are good at developing android applications but don’t have any idea of testing your mobile applications, then your application might face issues whether it may be due to the huge amount of users which will be using your application or hackers might hack the data within your application. So to prevent such incidents within your application you should have properly tested your mobile application before rolling out to users.


In this article we have taken a look at 8 must have skills which you should have to become a successful android developer.