5 Tech Skills required for jobs

In current times the global job market has crunched to the size of your computer screen, with recruiter and employers openly marketing their organization and jobs online.

A lot has changed, from just a decade back. Right from the way an applicant used to apply for jobs, to the scrutiny processes that precede an interview. Today there is a complete new outlook required to move forth in the corporate world .

With the advent of technology the most crucially required skills have also flipped in nature. Applicants in every domain are looking forward to inculcate the most efficient sense of technology and computer skills. Recruiters in turn are looking for tech savvy candidates, even for non-technical positions in company. Given below are a set of 5 such skills which will help you in the same regard.

Being a Social Media Worm

Having an active presence on various social media websites has become more of an employment related necessity these days. Right from chasing the employer of your dreams, to being part of online communities pertaining to your field of interest, there’s so much you can gain to hone your professional prowess in your domain . All you need is to maintain an efficient online profile, rest will fall in place by itself.

Data Visualization Skills

No matter what the organization or the role, data is a part of every field. Data keeps multiplying as you climb up the ladder of professional life. You role will be pressing for the need to communicate online in the most creative of ways, breaking through all kinds of noise. This is where the need of data visualization steps in. You should have the skill to represent numbers visually and discover new details and breakthroughs in the same process.

Being a Master in Excel

Believe me, from appraisal to weekly reviews, reports are going to be an essential part of your job. Right from the ability to construct tables and feed data, one should have the proper know-how about applying formulas and filters to get tasks done in a snap.

These days , being efficient with pivot tables is also a necessary part of this skill.

Troubleshooting by Breaking Down Problems

An important part of being a tech-savvy includes the capability to solve one’s own technical issues. The employer should be convinced regarding the fact that you’re not afraid to think critically and can help during the problem definition as well as the solution phase.

In today’s dynamic world , your organization might expect you to work from anywhere, be it the office, your home or a coffee shop in the neighborhood. You will be expected to trouble-shoot minor technical problems with your work equipment all by yourself. Obviously, bugging the IT department every other instance is the last thing any employer expects from you.

Being Well-Acquainted With Cloud Computing and Video Calling

With a majority of businesses shifting to Internet based products and services, cloud computing is one such field that has gained immense limelight in the corporate arena. Having realized the fact that there would definitely be awful amount of data that you’ll be dealing with, having a smooth hand at cloud computing and data processing online, is something that employers find quite imperative.

In addition to this, if it is client interaction field that you desire to enter, cost-efficiency during communication is major target and companies pay constant attention to it. Video calling applications like Skype have been quite beneficial in the same regards. Put in some effort and it would surely save time and money for your department (and your organization) during the future course of all the work processes.

The list of skills required to get a job can be long but it is these skills that are majorly required in nearly all fields across the globe.

Good luck! 

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 16-Jan-2020


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