Service Delivery Manager - Job Description, Skills Required, Responsibilities, and Everything

Project management is the most crucial part of the organization. The service delivery manager plays an important role in maintaining the progress of the company’s most important projects. Read on to learn more about the skills, responsibilities, etc., of the service delivery manager!

The ultimate objective of any organization or business is to fulfill customers' demands with 100% satisfaction. So, it is very important that the services of the company are delivered perfectly to end users. Now to achieve this, most organizations or businesses, despite their size or industry, need Service Delivery Managers. This job role is available in every industry because every business or organization provides services or products to end users. So, let's learn everything about this interesting, important, and competitive job role.

Service Delivery Manager Job Description

As the name implies the main objective of the Service Delivery Manager is to ensure the smooth, timely, and perfect delivery of products or services to customers or clients. To do this, they must perform many tasks and monitor different things extensively. As it is a managerial role, a Service Delivery Manager has to perform leadership roles and actions. Apart from all this, he also has to make proper strategies for different aspects of the project, like budgets, finances, resources, KPIs, etc.

Tracking the progress of every action and strategy under a project also comes under Service Delivery Manager. He has to continuously monitor the process until the service is delivered. His responsibilities don't end here because he is the main person to face clients and customers after the delivery of services. Whether you talk about taking feedback or solving conflicts & queries, a Service Delivery Manager always leads on the front foot. He also faces clients and customers for their demands and expectations with the service or project. Overall, a Service Delivery Manager is very important for the successful completion of any project.

Service Delivery Manager Responsibilities

The Service Delivery Manager job description is quite lengthy and deep because it plays a lot of crucial roles & responsibilities for successfully completing projects and delivering services. So, the roles & responsibilities of a Service Delivery Manager are broadly divided into four segments under which they have to work or have to look. These segments are

Service Management

So, the basic yet most important task segment they have to look at is Service Management. Under this, they have to monitor the service part, which is very broad. From monitoring various levels of help desks to communicating with key authorities of the organization, like stakeholders, they act as a mediator to make the process smooth and quick. They also look after systems, tools, software, packages, and other necessary techniques to ensure efficient working and resolve issues if they occur.

Meeting Support

Another major segment under Service Delivery Manager is meeting support. So as the name signifies, a Service Delivery Manager supports various meetings and conferences that occur within the business. They do this by checking the technical tools, devices, and other necessary equipment needed for meetings. They also ensure the availability of paperwork and other necessary documents needed during the meetings. Companies rely on them to train new employees and staff about conference room tools and devices.

Performance and Quality Management

Now when the process starts, it is the responsibility of the Service Delivery Manager to ensure the pace of activities, i.e., performance. From ensuring the fulfillment of small objectives on time to checking efficiency, they monitor every action closely. They also suggest and implement improvements to ensure the highest service or product quality. They also take small initiatives to better train the team and achieve high-quality results on time.

Technical Perception

This segment is directly related to technical aspects. So, a service delivery manager collaborates with the technical head or team to ensure the smooth functioning of systems and tools. In case of any issue, he suggests changes and communicates with the technical team to implement changes. They also set KPIs and benchmarks for systems, hardware, and software for better results. They have to check systems regularly to keep the technical infrastructure up to date, efficient, powerful, and safe.

Service Delivery Manager Skills

As this is a managerial and high-level position, the person playing the role of Service Delivery Manager must possess a lot of skills. All the skills are discussed below, from general to technical and key to soft.

Key Skills

Leadership skills for In-Office as well as Remote environments.

  • Project Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Performance and Quality Control

  • Planning and Implementation

  • Problem-solving and analytical

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of Customer Relationship Software

  • Expert Knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Proficiency in ITIL Disciplines

  • Knowledge of computers and various business suites

Soft Skills

  • Excellent Communication

  • Team leadership and spirit

  • Maintaining strong relationships with customers and clients

  • Educate, train and motivate staff

  • Time and resource management


  • Self-Motivated − The service delivery manager is self-motivated as his intention is to provide quality services within the organization.

  • Dedicated − The candidate is dedicated and is well-versed in the structure of the company to provide the concerned services.

  • Honest − The service delivery manager is expected to be honest with his services and report to the authorities as per the management.

  • Hard-working − The candidate will be hard-working and knows all his responsibilities thoroughly.

  • Zeal to learn − The service manager must have the zeal to learn and adopt new regulations and must abide by the responsibilities he is assigned to.

  • A kind and generous attitude − A service delivery manager must be kind and must have a generous attitude towards his service provisions.


As it is a high-level and important position, the salary is also high. Also, as the demand and need for this role are increasing, the salary growth and trends are really impressive. The average salary of a Service Delivery Manager lies between 1000000 INR per annum to 1500000 INR per annum.


Service Delivery Manager is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing career options with a lot of potentials. The candidates in this role not only get a high salary but also maintain high authority in the organization. As the role is directly connected to the company’s growth and customer experience, the candidate will never get out of work and its importance in the company will never go down. He plays a very important role in the overall performance of the company.

Updated on: 19-Jan-2023


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