10 Ways to Unplug: For People in A Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing as lucrative as a career it sounds is equally straining in terms of mental peace and calmness. Because digital marketers are expected to be informed of all the trends, hashtags, social media news, events, and happenings they have to stay on their laptops or mobile phones most of the time. And quite frequently this consumption of information happens after work hours leading to an increased strain on their mental as well as physical health.

Therefore, it seems quite hard to actually unplug particularly when one is in the digital marketing field. But it is achievable and this article will list 15 effective ways to unplug that are actionable and can be readily acted upon.

Why Should You Unplug?

First of all, is there a need to unplug? Of course, there is. In spite of the competitive edge that staying connected to your devices offers in a digital marketing career, there are certain ill effects that cannot be easily overlooked. These include both physical and mental illnesses such as follows −

Physical Health Problems

Poor posture, eye strain, and poor quality of sleep are some of the most predominant physical ill effects of the continuous usage of digital technologies.

Mental Health Problems

Anxiety, social isolation, depression, lack of concentration, impulsivity, and lack of control over technology are a few of the many mental health problems associated with over usage of technology.

It is important to unplug in order to strike the right balance between health, wellness, work, and life. Failure to notice and take the right measures will lead to poor quality of life that will in turn lead to poor performance at work. Hence it becomes rather a ritual to regularly engage in unplugging activities. The benefits are many but here are a few examples −

  • Unplugging reduces anxiety and stress. Stimulating one’s sensory organs and reducing screen time will lead to an improved perception of one’s surroundings. In fact, a reduction in screen time will push one into undertaking any form of physical activity thereby improving the overall state of the mind and physical health.

  • Unplugging will significantly enhance social interactions and networking. Although networking can be done online, it cannot beat the deeper connections and engagement that can be achieved through physical in-person interactions.

  • Unplugging will also increase mindfulness, a crucial factor in leading a peaceful life by appreciating the present.

10 Ways to Unplug

Here are 15 ways that can help people in a digital marketing career unplug from their devices and enjoy a mindful and serene life with the right amount of work-life balance. Any of these ways or a combination can be implemented based on the lifestyle and working hours flexibility of the reader. Whatever the method, consistency is the key. Let’s begin!

  • Filter out your feed − One way to unplug whilst also knowing what’s happening is to eliminate all the unnecessary and negative contents that show up on the feed. This might include setting preferences and unfollowing certain accounts and people on Instagram, TikTok, etc. Although all unnecessary content cannot be avoided altogether, Twitter lists can be specifically created. This will ensure that feed contents align with your specific needs to a certain extent.

  • Create a device-free zone − A certain part or room of your home can be taken as a device-free zone where no sort of digital or technological devices such as laptops, ipads, smartphones, etc. are allowed. Also filling up that room or space with your favorite scented candles, cozy seating, and books might end up being useful. That particular corner in your house can act as a space for unplugging and rejuvenating after a tiresome day of information consumption.

  • Read books − Books are a great way to gather information. Although the internet gives everything on a platter, books still act as valuable resources. In fact, reading books can improve your attention, mindfulness, and vocabulary. Dedicate a time period of 30-60 minutes each day for reading books. These can be for informative or entertaining purposes.

  • Plan ahead on weekends − Most information consumption apart from work happens on weekends. Hence planning out your weekend ahead will save hours of scrolling on your mobile device trying to find something interesting to spend your time with.

  • Spend time with family and friends − This is usually taken as being at home or at an event. But actually spending time means throwing your devices away and having a quality conversation or doing a fun activity together. Engaging in group activities will be an easy way to forget your devices and have a work-life balance.

  • Take printouts − Digital marketers cannot unplug totally from social media and the internet. However, a critical piece of lengthy news or blog article can be still read in the form of a printout. This will not only save you from the ill effects but can also make future referencing easier.

  • Track screen time − This is a very effective and proven way to stay within limits. There are a lot of digital well-being applications that not only track your screen time but also let you set goals and timers. These can be leveraged to unplug and keep the usage of devices under control.

  • Enrol for certain activities − Enrolling in certain activities or community programs is an effective and easy way to keep device usage under control. This can include joining a cooking or pottery class or doing social service activities on the weekend.

  • Turn off notifications post work hours − It is important for people in a digital marketing career to keep their notifications on. However, plenty of applications allow turning off notifications during a set time period. This can be used to unplug post-work hours.

  • Start your day in a mindful day − Having a pleasant and mindful morning is crucial to mental well-being throughout the day. Hence start off your mornings without any digital interaction or device usage.


While staying connected and tech savviness are appreciated and rewarded, the benefits of being mindful are often overlooked. Unplugging might not provide you with incentives but will definitely improve your quality of life, the reason why almost any of us work for. Therefore, it is important to implement the above said ways to unplug regularly from digital technology whenever possible.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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