Simple Ways to Sell Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is the talking point in the marketing circles. As people are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis, producing them and leveraging it for business interest has increased to a phenomenal pace. Digital marketers specialize in developing social media presence of the client’s brand their own crazy ways.

No doubt, social media platforms, blogging, videos and content is enjoying the spotlight now. Digital Marketing effectively elevates your business. However, to justify the price of digital marketing services that your firm offers, you need to make an offer that your target clients find impossible to resist. In other words, you have to come up with a Unique Selling Strategy (USS).

Here is how you can showcase your expertise and sell your Digital Marketing services:

Describe the massive reach of Digital Marketing

Every month, Facebook registers approximately 1.55 billion unique visitors. Likewise, every month, Twitter registers 307 million active users. Email accounts outnumber these numbers. Approximately, there are 3.6 billion email accounts. The ubiquity of these social media platforms and email accounts cannot be discounted. Now that the smart phone penetration and internet penetration have increased, people can access their respective accounts from any part of the world. Project these stats and emphasize that Digital Marketing is the most welcome and a much needed corrective mainstream marketing. While mentioning a point or two on Pinterest, it is best to project its growing diversity and popularity.

Talk about your Brand

It is now the perfect time to talk about your brand. In other words, come up with a few case studies that your firm has to its fame. If you have big clients like SONY, Microsoft etc., there will be healthy skepticism in the minds of the customers. To do away with any slightest tinge of disbelief, just show them any evidence you have. Elucidate certain industry problems that your firm has addressed with Digital Marketing. Pitch your success stories. Any preconceived notion can be dished away by addressing the concerns.

Return on Investment

This is a make-or-mar criterion. When you pitch that you have big clients, then tell your customers that the services your firm offers are big but do not come with huge service pricing. To inspire your customers, quote a few genuine return on investment metrics. A recent study by PwC revealed that a dollar invested in email marketing yields approximately $44.25. This is a monetary fact hard to ignore. When you talk about investments, ensure to quote both tangible and in-tangible investments. Tangible investment is the money that the customer is ready to pay. Intangible investments are the hard work, smart work, efforts and honest endeavors that your team members put in with diligence and dedication. Show your target customers how they can enjoy a multitude of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Reaching Client Expectations

Understand the ambitious goals of your clients. Now, it is time to dig into the details of delivery and visibility. Tell your clients that you would be delivering content on various platforms. For example, if you are talking about Reddit, the front page of the internet, tell your clients that you would be creating a couple of dedicated sub-reddits and managing the same. When you talk about marketing on Twitter, talk about how you would be managing the profiles with various tools such as Social Rank, Buffer, Bitly etc. The same train of thoughts can be extended to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Deliverability of genuine content to genuine social media platforms is only half the battle won. The second half boils down to visibility. Tell your clients that you have follower-rich social media influencers. Similarly, talk about SEO and explain how your firm specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Talk about various SEO techniques. Do not examine deep into the details but do quote a few popular SEO practices. Clients generally do adequate research on SEO practices. So, carefully project your slew of optimization initiatives.


This is where your inbound marketing team comes into picture. Inbound Marketing is all about fostering and nurturing healthy relationships with customers. Networking is an integral component of Inbound Marketing. Ensure your clients that you would be maintaining communities on and discussion boards on Reddit. This should hopefully lead to an effective purchase decision.


Live by the saying, “If it cannot be measured, it is not worth doing.” Tell your clients that you would be using tools like Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor etc. to monitor email campaigns. Talk about how you would be leveraging tools such as Crazy Egg, the reputed Heat Map tool to track and visualize results.

Live Experiment

To give a smooth and an impactful touch to your audiences, come up with an experiment. Make a guarantee on this experiment. Deliver more than the promised and let your results walk the talk. For example, quote a 50% mark on results. But the eventual outcome should be beyond 50%. This leaves your clients in a state of absolute bliss.

Let me draw the curtain close by emphasizing that Digital Marketing is a win-win pursuit for firms and clients.

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