How to Switch to Digital Marketing as a Career?

The trick to getting the best salary and staying relevant and valuable in the job market is to be on top of your career graph. If you are a fresher, you should be doing something that the industry demands. Currently, the world is moving toward digital infrastructure. where all four Ps of the marketing mix are being digitized. The market is now open globally, and the competitor for every business is not their neighborhood brand but all the prominent brands that have the courage to stand out on the internet. It is very critical for businesses now to do their marketing online, and hence there is a growing need for digital marketers.

In this article, we will be understanding how one can switch to a career in digital marketing, how one can start working in the field of digital marketing, and what will be the benefits of working in this particular domain.

Digital Marketing and Digital Marketers

Simply put, "digital marketing" refers to marketing a product or service via the internet, and digital marketers assist businesses in doing so. A good digital marketer will conduct activities that will increase the revenue of the company, increase brand recognition, and create a loyal customer base. In digital marketing, because the company will be hustling with billions of other brands offering similar or identical products, it is very crucial for them to stay at the top of their game throughout. One slip, and you can lose customers because today's customers are spoiled with choices and overloaded with information.

Points to Consider While Choosing Digital Marketing as Your Career

We will be discussing certain key aspects of what is required when you are working as a digital marketer. Be it a career switch or a career start, a digital marketer is supposed to be passionate about these parameters.

  • Technological proficiency and savviness − A digital marketer needs to be tech-savvy. Companies today are using social media platforms, browsing platforms, writing mediums, and others to advertise their products. Digital marketing is a mixed bag, and hence it is very critical for marketers to be well aware of these platforms and be regular users of the same. If you have not explored any of these platforms yet, it is time for you to dive into them as a user. Understanding what is trending on these platforms, what Google's new security updates are, what new applications are forming and could become popular, and who is at the top of social media, such as affiliate marketers, is essential. Digital marketing is both art (creativity is required to be successful) and science (knowledge about the platforms and how to go viral).

  • Written communication skills − it is very crucial for digital marketers to have good communication skills. Written communication skills are a must because content that is rich in quality is only considered by Google for ranking purposes in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), Gen Z users of social media platforms would never take someone seriously if they see grammatical and spelling errors in a post, and it is also essential for content creation for websites and articles. If you are unsure or under confident about this skill of yours, you can take courses in SEO writing and basic communication skills through applications like

    • Coursera

    • Great Learning

    • Upgrad

    • Google and others

We are not seeking excellent communication skills, surrealistic vocabulary, or difficult sentences; simple, short, and crisp content is more appreciated by the users.

  • Creativity, foresight, and aesthetics − As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is both art and science. You might be doing everything right—using all the keywords and posting your content at the peak time—but it will not go viral because your content is not creative. With the internet coming into the picture, users today are spoiled with information; everywhere they go, they see other advertisements. As a result, to stand out in this scenario, and what distinguishes a successful digital marketer from an unsuccessful one, For example, KitKat, a sub-brand of Nestle, came up with an advertisement showing that in the calendar of a corporate employee, in between the Zoom meetings, there are two KitKats placed. The picture emphasizes the company's tagline, "Break toh banta hain."The advertisement is creative and humorous and, hence, liked by the viewers.

  • Business Acumen − A person should have an understanding of the marketer and its consumers. If you are only going to focus on your product, marketing techniques, or price, you will not be able to succeed. A digital marketer must be able to align its 4Ps of marketing with the needs of the consumer. It is learned through experience, but it is also innate. You can also take some courses available on the internet to gain a better understanding of the applications mentioned above.

  • Adaptability − This might seem like a soft skill, but it is very crucial for a digital marketer. The online world is working 24 hours a day and changing with every sneeze. The boon of digital marketing is that you can go viral in minutes, and that is the bane as well. Marketers have to be on their toes and try to take advantage of everything that comes their way. A form of marketing technique that is solely dedicated to the adaptability factor is moment marketing. Be it India’s victory in the women’s team entering the World Cup or Adani's company’s falling share prices, a digital company must know how to use them to advertise their product.

  • Analytical and research skills − It is very crucial for digital marketers to understand what is trending. Through research, digital marketers can understand SEO keywords, trending applications and sites, and consumers’ demands. Data is the fuel that is running businesses today, and marketers should know how to use the same to target their audience, create advertisements, design marketing strategies, and others.

Sub-careers in Digital Marketing

A digital marketer is supposed to be involved in all the marketing activities of the firm; however, one can also choose an area of expertise. Depending on the size of the organization and your capabilities, you can be any or all of the following points.

  • Content writer

  • Graphic designer

  • SEO Specialist

  • Instructional designer

  • social media manager

  • Affiliate marketers

  • Video editor and creator

  • Research interns and others

Switching a career in digital marketing or starting a new career in digital marketing is not difficult. All that it requires is the will to do the same. Digital marketing is a trend, seeing how the world is operating post-pandemic. E-commerce has boomed, as have other industries. Every small business today is trying to enter the online retail space to increase its sales at a nominal rate, and your knowledge of digital marketing can earn you bucks. You begin earning money by using your phone and social media handles.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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