Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing or Orthodox Marketing was once a reigning phenomenon. However, it slowly started marching towards its death as it failed to re-invent itself. Market research experts and analysts propound that traditional marketing has become irrelevant in today’s digitized world. The place is now being usurped by Digital Marketing. True to form, digital marketing encompasses a healthy mix of attractive banner ads, mobile apps, videos, email campaigns, informative blog posts and a host other such intriguing pursuits to promote and sell products.

Pursuing a career in digital marketing can be a turning point to many as many companies are reaching higher levels each and every year by cautiously leveraging digital marketing. Here is an informative run-down on various career opportunities in digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Manager (DMM): The key responsibility of a Digital Marketing Manager is to create and execute an integrated digital marketing process. ‘Integrated Digital Marketing’ is all about laying supreme emphasis on quality content. Content is the king and other elements such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Ads, Email campaigns etc. are the soldiers. A Digital Marketing Manager should be capable of doing what seem to be gargantuan tasks such as taking the number of page views of a simple page to 1 million, increase HTTP traffic by leaps and bounds etc.

A Digital Marketing Manager will lead the marketing team and is likely to report the progress of the projects assigned to him to the Vice President of the company. The salary of a Digital Marketing Manager position is lucrative currently in India.

Content Marketing Manager: As the designation suggests, a Content Marketing Manager (CMM) is expected to be well versed with the subtleties and nuances of Content Marketing. Content Marketing is majorly about penning down educative blog posts, making informative videos, compiling e-books, and scholarly guest posts. Drip marketing, which is an inherent part of email marketing which comes under the ambit of content marketing. A minimum experience of 3 productive years in this niche will work wonders.

Social Media Marketing Manager (SMMM): Of what use is quality content sans Social Media Marketing? A Social Media Marketing Manager is responsible for spreading the good word of his company by publishing content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. He manages the social media profiles of the company by using umpteen tools and addresses the concerns of target audiences.

  • For a B2C businesses, a Social Media Marketing Manager tries to gain the approval of his company’s group of fans on reputed social media avenues such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc.
  • For a B2B business, the responsibility of a Social Media Marketing Manager is to maintain a dedicated community on . In a nutshell, Social Media Marketing Managers thrive in creative zones.

Search Engine Optimization Executive (SEO Executive): SEO Executives live by the adage, “A website should take the least time to load. If it were for otherwise, target audiences will make a beeline to competitors’ websites.” An SEO Executive should be capable of identifying heavyweight elements that typically take more time to load. He should be in good terms with Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Keyword research, managing duplicate content, using Google webmaster tools, indexing web pages, positioning banner ads on the homepage of a website, etc. form an integral part of an SEO Executive’s responsibilities. SEO Executives adopt a lone wolf strategy and seldom work in teams. SEO Executives stimulate creativity, spur deep insights and increase the performance of the website in search engines. The most commonly used SEO tool by SEO Executives is Perks are attractive and the payout is lucrative.

Search Engine Specialist: It wouldn’t be wrong or unfair even to the extent of generalizing that ‘Google Chrome’, the biggest, reputed and the top notch search engine has become an everyday episode. More often than not, we hear people saying “Google it”, “I am Googling the net” etc. So, a Search Engine Specialist defines marketing via search engines.

  • Split testing, keyword research, bid management etc. are his responsibilities. He defines marketing via Google AdWords.
  • In small budgeted startups, Search Engine Marketing is taken care of by Digital Marketing Manager. However, in conglomerates and tech giants, the role of a Search Engine Specialist cannot be discounted. Search Engine Specialists are analytical thinkers.

In this constantly changing world where the terms ‘Marketing’ and ‘Digital Marketing’ are considered synonyms, it is only a matter of time that certifications in Digital Marketing may undoubtedly help people hit goldmines and subsequently make a fortune in this niche.

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