Zend Framework - Concepts

Zend Framework is a collection of 60+ components. They are loosely connected with each other. They can be used as both stand-alone component as well as a group of components working as a single unit.

Zend Framework provides three most important components, which are −

  • zend-servicemanager
  • zend-eventmanager and
  • zend-modulemanager.

They provide Zend components the ability to integrate with other components efficiently.

  • Event Manager − It gives the ability to create event based programming. This helps to create, inject and manage new events.

  • Service Manager − It gives the ability to consume any services (PHP classes) from anywhere with a little effort.

  • Module Manager − Ability to convert a collection of PHP classes with similar functionality into a single unit called as a module. The newly created modules can be used, maintained and configured as a single unit.

We will cover these concepts in detail in the subsequent chapters.

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