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If you want to list down your website, book or any other resource on this page then please contact at webmaster@tutorialspoint.com

  • Prototype - Official Websites - This holds the reference API documentation, replete with examples and crossreferences. You'll also find various tutorials and get to know Prototype Core members.

  • script.aculo.us - Official Websites - A complete set of reference API documentation, Installation Scripts

  • Tobie Langel: - One of the most active Core members, Tobie posts regularly about everything Prototype and JavaScript: tips, books, new versions, other frameworks, cool features, tutorial articles

  • John Resig - An official web site of John Resig. John is the creator of the jQuery library.

  • Ajaxian - Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith, who authored [JG06], maintain a lively overview of the Ajax/Web 2.0 world, with numerous reviews of frameworks, libraries, books, and articles throughout the Web.

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