- Modules is divided into modules, each with its own JavaScript file. These modules are explained here −


The effects module comes with more than twenty-five visual effects and seven transition modes.

Drag and Drop

You will use the drag and drop module to make any element draggable, turn it into a drop zone, or even make an entire series of elements sortable so that you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping.


A slider is a sort of small rail or track, along which you can slide a handle. It translates into a numerical value. With, you can create such sliders with a lot of control.


Autocompleter controls allow Google-Suggest style, local and server-powered autocompleting text input fields.

In-place Editing

You can make any text or collection of items editable in-place by simply clicking it.


A helper to build DOM fragments in JavaScript. This is a developer tool that eases DOM creation considerably.


Version 1.7.1 introduced a sound system that lets you play sounds easily, queue them up, use multiple tracks, and so on.