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How to Perform an Active Search in SuccessFactors?

When you open SuccessFactors URL, you are prompted to enter user name, password and company Id. To perform an active search in SuccessFactors, follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Login to SuccessFactors, it opens the home screen of SAP SuccessFactors. Enter Company Id, user name and password. Click Log in.

SuccessFactors Login

Step 2 − On the home screen, you have To-do Portlet on the left side and quick links. You have quick action search that you can use to search in SuccessFactors environment.

Quick Action Search

Step 3 − You can perform a search by entering a name. Here, you enter an employee name and click the Search icon.


Let us understand this with the help of an example. We have searched for Robert in the following action search.

Robert Action Search

Step 1 − When you click the employee name, it will open a public profile of that employee.

You can check his designation, location, direct dial, Email Id, Local time, and other public-profile details.

Employee Files

Step 2 − You can also check the Organization chart of the employee. Go to the public profile of employee and click Full Size.

Full Size

Step 3 − Click Uplevel and it will show you the Organization chart of the employee.


Step 4 − When you click Position Org Chart, it will show you organization chart as per the employee designation. You can also search in Org chart.

Position Org Chart

Step 5 − When you click Company info at the top, you will see a drop down list of various options to navigate to SuccessFactors link.

To go to the home screen, click Home under the Company Info option.

Company Info

When you scroll down further on Home page, you have various other options −

  • My Admin Favorites
  • Tile Browser
  • My Objectives
  • Portlet
Homepage Scrolldown