SAP SF - Employee Central Activities

Various activities can be performed under SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC). Its key functions include −

  • Time Off
  • Payroll Time Sheets
  • HR Transactions
  • New Hires and Onboarding
  • Changes and Transfers
  • Position Management
  • Reporting, Compliance and Auditing

Employee Central – Time Off

Time Off option can be used to apply for time off such as vacation, paid time off (PTO), sick leave, leave of absence or you can also apply for other type of absence.

Using time off, you can enter a request and you can see who else is absent during that period when you are requesting time off.

In Time Off, you can check your time account balance - how much time off you have earned, taken, and planned time off.

You can also view all your requests and cancel or edit requests for time off.

SAP EC – Raising a Time Off Request

Go to MyInfo tile and click Request Time Off.

MyInfo Tile

You can also go to Home > Employee Files and select Time Off under Public Profile.

Employee Profile

A new page will open as shown in the screenshot given below −

Request Time Off

The Time Off calendar looks like this −

Time Off Calendar

At the bottom of the screen, a box - My Requests is present. It shows the time off requests you have submitted and their status. One of the following status may be present.

  • Pending − This shows that request has been submitted and approval is required and the person responsible for approving it has not yet made a decision.

  • Approved − This represents that request has been submitted and the person responsible for approving has approved the request.

  • Cancellation Pending − This shows that cancellation workflow is active and you cancel an absence request. Your manager must approve the cancellation. This represents that you have cancelled the request and approval is pending from manager side.

Click View Team absence calendar to see who all are on leave during that time period.

Team Absence Calendar

Employee Central – Payroll Time Sheet

Payroll time sheet can be used to record the attendance, overtime and negative time booking in weekly time sheet. In Employee central, you can assign attendance time, overtime and other exceptions to time types and cost centers.

Payroll timesheet has to be submitted for approval and you can also enter your standby allowance and other allowances.

When timesheet is approved, time sheet is processed for payroll section. Incase approval is declined you can make changes and resubmit it again.

Time Recording Variants

Time sheet can be recorded in two ways −

  • Duration based recording − You record the length of time you work each day, in hours and minutes. Start and end times of the recorded time are not recorded.

  • Clock Time based recording − You record start and end time of your working time each day.

Timesheet Recording Methods

Various timesheet recording methods are present, which you can use to record time −

  • Positive Time Recording − In this type of time-recording method, an employee records all the times they actually work in addition to overtime, absence and other allowances.

  • Negative Time recording − This is used to record exceptions from planned working time. You can also record on-call time, allowances, and overtime using this method. As a negative time recorder, you can record certain other types of attendance like training time, travel or self-learning, etc.

  • Overtime only recording − In this time-recording method, an employee record only the time they work that is in addition to their planned working time, plus on-call time and allowances.

Employee Central − Configure Employee Files

For the Time Sheet tab to appear in the Employee File, you need to switch it on.

You can Configure Employee Files Tab in Admin Center.

Step 1 − Go to Admin Center > Employee Files.

Employee Files Tab

Step 2 − Select Configure Employee files.

Configure Employee Files

Step 3 − Select Time sheet

Time Sheet

Employee Central − HR Transactions

There are various HR functions that can be performed under HR transactions in Employee Central.

  • Organization Chart − Org chart can be used to browse the organization and understand department structure and reporting relationships. You can search for various people in your organization and know more about them, their interest, department details, skills, etc.

  • Employee Self Service − Employees can update information and run actions such as advances and deductions. Employees can update personal data, bank account details, change benefit elections, and other employee service transactions like nominees, dependent details, etc.

  • Manager Self Service − This allows managers to access employee information that they have rights like personal information, training history, performance history, education details, leave details, external trainings attended, etc.

Employee Central − Changes and Transfers

With SAP Employee Central, you can perform the following activities −

  • Track Employee Status − You can check the status of employees. The following are possible status for an employee in SAP SuccessFactors Employee central −

    • Active

    • Leave

    • Terminated

  • Employee Transfer Information − This is used to check transformer information related to an employee. In Employee Central you can maintain the following information about employee transfer −

    • Transfer Reason

    • Transfer Date

    • Transfer to and from department

  • Absence Details − Employee Central also contain HR transactions related to employee leave of absence. Following information can be maintained under this −

    • Leave Type

    • Leave Details

    • Leave to and From

    • Leave Approver

  • Promotions and Demotions − In Employee Central, details regarding promotions & demotions, grade change, title change, transfer, responsibility change, cost center change, and step progression can be maintained.

  • Termination Details − Employee Central also contains HR transactions related to employee termination. Following information can be maintained under this −

    • Termination Dates

    • Termination Reason

    • Reason

    • Rehire eligibility, etc.

Employee Central: Integration and Extensibility

You can perform various activities related to integration and extensibility for SAP SuccessFactors integration to HCM and ERPFIN. Key activities include −

SAP ERP Integration

SAP develops, supports, and maintains prebuilt, configurable end-to-end integration processes for SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP FIN. These integrations comprise add-ons for SAP ERP and middleware content for Dell Boomi.

Prepackaged Templates

Template connectors for third party benefits, time, payroll, finance, and travel applications encapsulates HR-XML standards and best practice knowledge of integration patterns in each of these categories. It helps expedite implementation and saves time and money for customers. Prepackaged template integrations are maintained by the customer.


Use APIs to build custom integrations on SAP HANA Cloud Integration technology and custom extensions on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Custom integrations and extensions are maintained by the customer.