Foundation - Forms

In this chapter, we will study about Forms. Foundation provides powerful, easy and versatile layout system for Forms, which combines form styles and grid support.

The following table lists the form elements used in Foundation.

Sr.No. Form element & Description
1 Form Basics

Creation of forms is easy and very flexible, which are built with a combination of standardized form elements and powerful grid system.

2 Help Text

It is used to notify the user about the purpose of the element and is usually placed below a field.

3 Label Positioning

You can position your labels left or right of your inputs.

4 Inline Labels and Buttons

Extra text or controls can be attached to the left/right of an input field.

5 Custom Controls

Custom controls like date pickers, switches or sliders require some attention to access it.

6 SASS Reference

You can change the styles of the components by using SASS Reference.