Foundation - Navigation


Foundation provides a few different options for styling navigation elements. Many simple navigation patterns are bundled; it can be integrated in the form for robust responsive navigation solution.

The following table describes the different types of navigation along with the description.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Navigation Overview

Navigation contains links to the other section and consists of many navigation patterns.

2 Menu

Menu is used to build many navigation components.

3 Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu plugin is used to create submenus below the main menu.

4 Drilldown Menu

The drilldown menu plugin is used to create submenus in main menu in the slider format.

5 Accordion Menu

It displays the collapsible menu with accordion effects and provides support for auto collapse using the Accordion Menu plugin.

6 Top Bar

Top bar helps to display the complex navigation bar easily on different size of the screen.

7 Responsive Navigation

Responsive menu plugin allocates the menu in different sizes of the screen.

8 Magellan

Magellan creates a navigation, which is in a fixed position; it automatically tracks the navigation list on a page, based on scroll position.

9 Pagination

Pagination, an unordered list is handled by Bootstrap like a lot of other interface elements.

10 Breadcrumbs

A breadcrumb specifies the current location for a site within navigational hierarchy.