Computer Programming Tutorial

Computer Programming Tutorial

Computer programming is the act of writing computer programs, which are a sequence of instructions written using a Computer Programming Language to perform a specified task by the computer.

Computer Programming is fun and easy to learn provided you adopt a proper approach. This tutorial will take you through simple and practical approach while learning computer programming.


This tutorial has been prepared for the people who are struggling to learn computer programming but they are unable to learn it due to lack of proper guidance and approach. I'm confident that after completing this tutorial you will be at a level where you can code in C Programming language and will have basic understanding of Java and Python programming languages as well and you can continue further from that point onwards.

If you are completely new to Computer Programming, then my recommendation is to read this tutorial twice or even thrice. First reading will not give you much idea, but during your second reading, you will start grasping most of the concepts and you will enjoy while writing great computer programs.


I do not expect much from your as pre-requisites to teach you computer programming but I assume that at-least you have basic knowledge about computer and its peripherals like keyboard, mouse, screen, printer, etc. If you know more than this like word editor, good typing speed, internet search, etc., then it will help you a lot while doing your computer programming.