Write about an incident when you made a difference to the lives of the people around you?

It's not really an incident but can explain a process I have gone through to bring a change. It was the time when I, along with my three friends, thought of starting a Bookstore in our institution. The idea was simple - Giving English Non-academic books for nominal rents. After two months of deep brainstorm and physical work, we were all set to launch it! Exactly at the same time, three questions struck my mind one after the other.

The inclination of the People

Nowadays, people are addicted to movies. They have become lazy enough to read any book. Even if they feel like reading, they chose Kindle or some online platform but not hard copies. Therefore, the biggest challenge for us was to how should we remind them of the value of books? How would we attract them in order to taste success? And How could we make a difference between our fellow-students?

Without wasting much time pondering upon the above three questions, I came up with an idea, which could answer all the three questions:

  • Just before the launch of Bookstore, I suggested the idea of Book exhibition inside the campus which would be held for two days. Those who take books during the book exhibition would be more privileged compared to others. For example, they were offered more discounts on all books.

  • Our team, going to every classroom and motivating the students by giving a crisp speech about books and benefits by reading books. Also, giving a brief about our startup idea.

  • Engaging everyone on social media.

By applying these, we succeeded in every aspect. Students started to feel that reading is good and making it as a habit is extremely beneficial. In fact, they started reading, even more, novels after the commencement of our Bookstore! In that way, as I mentioned earlier, a process but not an incident for which I made a difference to the lives of my fellow students.

Hope it's worth mentioning under this question.