Why should I eat eggs?

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Let me tell you that I was also a die-hard pure vegetarian before coming across these facts about eggs, but now I am planning to get over and embrace this great source of protein and many other nutrients mentioned here.

High In Protein

I don’t know you already know it or not, but a regular (White) egg carries a whopping six grams of protein. Unbelievable na? Protein is considered to be highly satisfying of all nutrients. About half quantity of protein is found in yolk and not in just its white.

Cheapest Protein Source

A regular egg costs only Rs. 5. Are you kidding? Yes. You read it right! Moreover, if you buy a pack of ten eggs from a hypermarket like Dmart or Big Bazaar, you can even get it at a very cheap price.

A Satiating Breakfast Solution

Eggs can be a perfect solution for morning cravings. They beat all the grain-based meals in terms of delaying hunger. Many studies have revealed that people who eat eggs in the morning feel more satisfied, have lower circulating levels of hunger hormones, and eat less quantity of food for lunch than those who eat any grain-based breakfast.

Offers Eye Protection

Eggs are enriched with Lutein, a yellow pigment that’s concentrated in the retina of the eye. Over the period, our eyes face muscular degeneration, which leads to vision loss. Lutein provides the needed supplement for the eyes and keeps them healthy.

Eggs Do Not Cause Artery-Clogging

Many of us regard eggs as the culprit, which boosts cholesterol and risk of heart diseases. While the fact is cholesterol from eggs and shellfish is not harmful at all. On the contrary, the latest edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests not following the rule of limiting dietary cholesterol to 300mg/day.

Maintain Muscle Mass

Our body starts losing muscle mass by 5 percent a decade as soon as we cross 30. Muscle mass loss can weaken your body as well as our stamina. It eventually increases your risk of debilitating falls when you get older. You can preserve those muscles through exercise, especially by doing strength training. However, if you do not get enough protein exercise will not prove effective. Therefore, eggs, which contain high-quality protein, which helps in rebuilding our muscles after exercise, become necessary to be included in your diet.

Note: Now, you will come up with an excuse that I can get so much protein in veg as well so why should I compromise. On this, I would like to mention that the richest source of protein in veg is Soya or soya seeds; however, I would like to point out that soya seeds are not easy to eat because you can’t have them just like that. You, first of all, have to soak them overnight and then eat.

You will react similarly like this after having Soya Seeds


Because they taste quite weird because as soon as you crush them they leave some oil, which is horrible in taste and might make you vomit. On the other hand, eggs are very yum and you can try them In numerous dishes.

So, why to get in so much pain. Let eggs do the job for you. Happy munching eggs!

Updated on 20-Apr-2022 12:49:01