Why people are mad for many hypocritical ‘babas’ in India?

This is one of those topics which I really want to discuss among people, but at the same time, I get annoyed just by thinking about those hypocritical babas. I wonder and even get surprised, how people can believe these hypocritical babas and treat them as “Gods”.

In recent times, due to social media and press, many of these famous babas or gurus are exposed. People got to know about their negative and dark sides. People are shocked to see these Godmen and Women involved in rape and murder cases. Asharam Bapu, Nirmal, Radhe ma, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh are some of these Culprit or criminal babas.

Despite all this, still, if any new baba takes avatar people will start believing them blindly.

Why is it so? How can a person trust some random guy who talks sweetly and proclaims himself as a Godman? The bigger surprise is, not only uneducated but also highly qualified and educated people blindly believe them and follow their illogical instructions. Why??

Here are some of the Reasons why people rely on these Fake Babas:

  • Weak Mindset: Many people get convinced easily by the influence of others. When a friend or a neighbour says, he got some good result, people get carried away and follow the same. People do not believe in themselves or have a weak mind are the main victims.

  • Good manipulative skills: These Babas come with a business plan and great marketing skills. They maintain a group to market them and with their excellent manipulative skills they attract people. Their staff simply mind-wash and direct people to these fake babas.

  • Claiming superpowers: These babas or gurus always come up to the society with a common feature of having supernatural powers. They claim to have the power to listen to God’s word, are able to talk to God and get solutions for your problems directly from God. This attracts n everybody runs to watch the miracle of their life and without verifying any details of random baba, they start following them.

  • Insecurity: Nobody wants to see bad times or want to suffer from problem/difficulties in life. But people also know that it will come at a time and affect them. So, to keep away the bad times and to be secure from the tandems, they go to the babas and simply start praising them.

  • Media: Media also plays an important role in the marketing of these fake babas. After the news of any new Baba in the city, the press makes them popular by writing about the influential and famous people making visits to their ashrams. This publicity influences the innocent public and makes them believe about the greatness of the so called babas. The Press should be responsible and should not publicize the things only for their ratings.

  • Drugs in Prasadams: Some of the Babas and their community use drugs in their Prasadams and make people addicted to these drugs. People feel good and happy when they consume these "Prasadams". Due to this reason, they continue their visits thinking that they are feeling peaceful and happy after visiting these Babas. They think that is the power of their spirituality.