Why is it so difficult sometimes to say no?

There will be many situations in life where it will be difficult to say NO. We think saying no is rude and many people find it difficult to develop the art of saying "NO".

Why is it difficult to say NO?

We usually try to avoid conflict. We fear that our "NO" may start a conflict with our colleagues or friends or members of the family. So we feel it is better to avoid the word "NO".

Do you remember when we were kids when our parents said No, it was a firm "NO", did it change with the time? We are afraid to say No to our kids, for the fear that they may stop loving us.

Sometimes we do things against our will to please the opposite person. We do not want to hurt them. We are afraid to say "NO" even for the things we do not want to do for the fear of disappointing or hurting someone. Later we feel why did we give in against our will?

But it is very important to learn the technique of saying "NO". We just have to remember that we can change our mind in most cases. We often get trapped by the belief that we have only one last opportunity. It is not true. There will be many more. So, weigh the situation and if a NO is required, say NO.

And finally, remember that sometimes “NO” is actually a better answer.

Let us look at some powerful quotes from the most powerful men in the industry, why is it important to say "NO".

Steve Jobs: “Focusing is about saying ‘no.’”

Warren Buffett: “We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no.’”

Tony Blair: “The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.”