Why is it necessary to have a girl or boyfriend in life?

Getting into a relationship with a boy or a girl is completely a personal choice. If someone prefers to remain single, no one should have a problem with it. However, if you feel that you should be in a relationship, make sure that it’s healthy and it makes you happy. Some of the reasons why I feel most of us need a girlfriend or a boyfriend in life are:

We need a human touch for comfort

We admit it or not, we all need a human touch at end of that long tiring day. We all need someone to cuddle to and be pampered. Having a companion is more like cuddling up to a teddy bear and feel secure and comfortable.

A listening ear

It’s natural tendency to vent your frustration on someone. In most probability, this person happens to be your partner because you know if not anyone, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be all ears and also comfort you at the end of it.

Feel special and cared for

Everyone yearns for that special look of love and appreciation from that special someone. They love to feel wanted and feel special, and that one romantic look can give them the greatest feeling of their life.

You don’t like to be lonely

Whether a boy or a girl, most of us don’t like to be lonely for life. There are those moments when you want someone by your side who cares for you with all their heart despite what the world has to say about you.

To be able to yourself

As emotional beings, you always look for someone with whom we can be yourself and know this person would never be fed up or upset with you for simply being you! It's just the comfort zone where you have no restrictions and are being loved for what you are.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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