Why is it bad to watch TV while eating?

It was said that “We are what we eat” which means the food we consume has a lot of effect on our physical and psychological health. It is not only the taste and type of food that affects, but the way and the conditions we take the food also matters a lot.

Food is essential for the living and hence considered sacred. We can ourselves observe the difference between having food peacefully with friends and family and taking a hasty gulp in a busy restaurant on a hectic day just to satisfy your hunger. Hence it is really necessary to have food peacefully.

Watching Television

You might wonder why not to watch TV and eat peacefully? We already know that there is a lot of interesting stuff on TV and we eventually press the remote button if the program telecasted is not so captivating.

Now tell me which program or movie or a serial can be so interesting and peaceful at the same time?

It is obvious that we watch crime, horror and unfortunately some devastating incidents in news shown on TV, which increase tension, blood pressure and disturbs our mood or makes us think of something else which could be both good or bad. These things will eventually show their effect psychologically while we consume the food, which badly affects the digestion process.

Focus on the Food

Have some time for yourself and your body. Keep your mind cool pushing all of your tensions and worries aside. Now, open the lid of the dish you are about to have and experience the mouth-watering smell of the colorful dish in front of you.