Why is gold jewellery more preferred over silver jewellery?

Gold as a precious metal is used widely in making jewellery items and it is preferred over other metals such as silver, platinum, etc. for jewellery pieces due to various reasons.

Reasons for Choosing Gold Over Silver

  • Gold is more lustrous than silver, hence attractive.

  • Value of gold being more makes it more of a luxury item than silver which is less in value than the former.

  • Yellow color since antiquity has been more preferred than White. So, must be gold more desirable.

  • Gold is non-corrosive. No rust, no wear, and tear as in silver. Thus, it maintains its shine and looks always and is evergreen.

  • It looks gorgeous on women of all kind of skin tones. Dark-toned women would also look super-gorgeous in such a case.

  • Gold was always a preferred choice of kings and royal clans since ages. Why would then one in modern times, not run after gold?

  • Many cultures, historically and currently, consider Gold as beautiful, sensuous, and glamorous.

  • Gold also possesses malleability, which makes it a practical choice for jewellery making.

The best part is that gold never goes out of style. Trends and designs may change, but this precious metal continues to be one of the most popular among all. Ladies adore it, girls own it and old women hand over their precious jewellery to their young daughters and daughter-in-law. Holding sentimental value, this metal (Gold) is a woman’s best friend.