Why has python considered a good language for ai and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the trendiest field of advancements. We create machines with a vision to produce next generation models. These models learn from the existing data and modify itself. There are multiple fields involved when it comes to the construction of such machines. Not just coding but mathematical equations, vectors and weights are also used. There are numerous programming languages that are used for creating the framework and models for a machine including python.

In this article, we will discuss and try to find out why python is considered a good programming language for AI and machine learning. Before we dive deep into the topic, let’s quickly go through the overview of this article.

Mechanism of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the technique in which a machine modifies itself by updating the stored data and make accurate prediction to solve a problem. Instead of giving an input along with a logic, developers feed the created model with multiple input and output data and after this raw data is uploaded the machine returns an algorithm or logic.

Input + CODE/ LOGIC = Output

In case of machine learning −

Input + Output = CODE/LOGIC

The process of uploading raw data is called as the training of the model.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

We use concepts like deep learning and machine learning to build AI based applications. Artificial intelligence is the technique of creating interactive and responsive engines that automates itself and update the data stored on the system. With the help of AI we can we can predict solutions for a mesh of problem.

The condition is that the problem follows the same pattern as the previously uploaded datasets had. If the problem or response is alien for the model then it stores this new information and makes a better prediction next time.

Significance of Python

Python is the most popular programming language at the moment and this is because of its unique set of codes and efficient nature. It is heavily involved in the construction AI based models and algorithms.

Python is used to create regression models and plot graphs which helps in the visualization of data. It is supported by a large mass of developers as it is the trendiest language. According to multiple reports python is extensively used for creating AI based applications and models.

Most of the developers prefer python because of its simplicity and light codes. We will discuss the criteria in which python is better than other languages in detail. The debate for the best programming language is actually futile because none of the existing languages is perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of the in-use languages.

Comparing Python with other Langauges

Different languages that are used in AI and ML are − Java, C/C++, python, JavaScript, “R” etc. let’s understand the advantages of using python over other languages −

  • Extensibility and flexibility − Python is a highly flexible language. It supports the use of an integrated environment that supports the combination of multiple languages. Python is platform independent and that’s why it can run on any operating system.

  • Libraries and frameworks − Python offers multiple AI based libraries, these libraries are pre written codes. By using these libraries, developers can save a lot of time as well as improve the code readability. The use of libraries offers an abstract approach which is truly impeccable. Some python libraries are: - “NumPy”, “TensorFlow”, “pyDatalog”, “scipy” etc.

  • Syntax styling − In python, codes are generally short and precise. On top of that they highly resemble to the normal English language which makes python much easier to read and understand. This is reason why it preferred by a large mass of developers and rookie students.

Now that we have discussed the advantages of python over other languages, let’s discuss the disadvantages also −

  • Python’s runtime is much slower than other languages. This is because python’s interpreter checks for the variable type before completing the operation. On the other hand, languages like − Java and JavaScript, directly performs the operation since the type is already specified at the time of variable declaration.

  • Python has a shorter text editor as compared to C/C++.

So, the answer for the question is: yes, indeed python is an excellent programming language for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Like every other programming language, it has it own advantages and disadvantages.


In this article we discussed on the topic of AI and ML. We understood their application and mechanism as well as the significance of python in these fields.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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