Good AI Vs Bad AI

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation are the few latest buzz words in the information technology sector. Certain technology or topic will remain as hot topic for a long period of time without any reason. These are one among that. And there is a fashion among the organizations to use certain technology in their organization, since their competitor is using the same. Few technologies become boom because of these pseudo competition among the organization. Although AI helps human engineers to solve the problems, at times I feel AI should be kept away from the scene. Of course, in certain cases AI and Automation becomes a disturbance for the business. This makes people to classify AI as Good and bad. In this article let me share few scenario, which will differentiate Good AI and bad AI.

Automatic Calling System

In the recent years, the number of calls from the automatic calling system is really very high. In order to promote the business, certain organization use automatic calling system to reach their customers. Using the phone numbers available in the database and using the customer information, Automatic calling system will be designed to call the user. A Good AI is will call the user based upon the location of the user and all other factors. Bad AI is something that will call the user in the middle of the traffic. User receiving such kind of calls in the middle of the traffic, will seriously get irradiated. This will create a bad impression on the organization. When the call is made at that time, it will irritate the user and create unwanted problem. This will indirectly affect the business and create a bad irritating impression on the business.

A Good AI should identify the location of the mobile phone using the GPS. If the mobile is located in the road or if it is found to be in motion, calls should not be trigger for that particular caller. Automating calling system should be programmed in a way to call the user mobile which is not in motion. Although it is not the perfect solution for the above narrated issue, it will partially solve the problem by completely avoiding the call to the user who is in movement.

Best Practice

Amazon has one of the best service in this. They have really used AI beautifully in their tele support service. Whenever you are free, give the number in amazon customer support. Immediately you will get the call from amazon. Once the call is connected, the status in the portal will be changed as “Call connected”. If the support team is not available, the same will be displayed in the website. This is perfect example for Good AI. Bad AI is something torturing the user with continuous calls without understanding the situation.

Wrong Promotion

Promotion, Web Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social media marketing are some of the key area which has been benefited by the growth of AI. Majority of these area depend upon the data that has been shared by the user in the web. Using the user data, promotions will be carried out in the user area. For example, Product information will be displayed in the news feed of the user. But majority of these promotions doesn’t reach the expected audience. Often these promotions will be an irritating piece for the user.

Understanding the user behavior and promoting the video or images, based upon the user activity will be the best option to avoid these kind of promotions. Use behavior can be observed based upon the emotion shared by the user. Good AI is something which perfectly understand the user expectation and deliver the right product to them. Bad AI is something which doesn’t understand the human expectation and display unwanted promotions in the unwanted place. Most of the video promotions will cause sound and data disturbance to the user. Best way of promotion would be advertisement. Good AI should identify the device and share the promotion. Bad AI will be sharing the promotions without understanding the device of the user.

Irritating SMS!!

Short Message service is one of the popular service in the mobile devices, which gives the sophistications of sharing information via text when the user is unable to attend the call. Most of the advertisement and other things are shared via SMS. Often these marketing SMS create lot of the disturbance to the user. Most of the business people will collect the phone number from the telecom operators and send promotional message to all the numbers.

A Good AI is something which understands the nature of the user and send the SMS only to certain group of people. This will not create any problem to the user. It will also create good impact to the business and reduce the cost spent on the SMS sending. Bad AI is something which does opposite to it. It will send SMS to all the numbers without any restriction.

Auto OTP Detection

One time password is one of the best way of authenticating the user identify for an application. User will not have any issue if the application is accessed via computer. But often, user will face issue in accessing the OTP when the application is accessed from the mobile phone. A Good AI is automatically recognizing the OTP sent to the mobile, without making the user to leave the application and check the SMS for the OTP. Bad AI is something which makes the user to leave the application and check the SMS. This will create unwanted data connectivity issue and session loss for the user.

Points to Ponder

A Good AI is something which help the human engineers to solve the problem. Bad AI is something which solves problem without the help and consultation of human engineers. More than as a bad, I would consider as the biggest threat to the human race. Of course, this will also be the biggest threat for the business too.

It is good to adopt technology into business, but we need to take care that technology doesn’t sallow the business.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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