Why does bread mould grow profusely on a moist slice of bread rather than on a dry slice of bread?

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Bread mould grows profusely on a moist slice of bread because moist bread provides both nutrients and moisture to the bread mould. Whereas a dry slice of bread provides only nutrients, not water, to the bread mould, it does not grow.

[Extra information:

Bread mould grows on the moist slice of bread instantly because the spores of this fungi are present in the air and under favorable conditions (presence of nutrients and moisture), it reproduces asexually.

The fine, thread-like projections on the surface of a slice of bread are known as Hyphae.

The knob-like structures are known as sporangium and they contain spores.

This method of reproduction where new organisms grow from the spores is known as Sporulation or Spore formation.]

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